Welcoming Bella’s New Columnists

stuart-cosgrove-1We’re delighted to announce two new columnists joining us on a regular basis, Stuart Cosgrove and Lesley Riddoch.

Stuart Cosgrove, famous for ‘The most petty and ill-informed football show on the radio’ and more recently author of ‘Detroit 67, The Year That Changed Soul’. The book plays to Stuart’s other love – Motown and classic Northern Soul music. Detroit 67 is the story of the city of Detroit in the most dramatic and creative year in its history. It features Motown, the breakup of The Supremes and the implosion of the most successful African-American record label ever, set against a backdrop of urban riots, escalating war in Vietnam and police corruption.

Stuart will bring us a fusion of music, politics and culture (and maybe even some football).

lesley-riddoch-hebridesLesley Riddoch has been at the forefront of radical and innovative public life in Scotland for many years – most recently as the speaker on the eternal tour promoting ‘Blossom: what Scotland needs to Flourish’, which explores themes of community, gender, land and power in our nation.

The historian Tom Nairn was quoted as saying: Scotland will be free when the last minister is strangled by the last copy of the Sunday Post.”

Today there’s no such need for such drastic asphyxia. Lesley has recently stopped working for the Sunday Post and come over to Bella. Welcome to Oor Lesley!

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17 replies

  1. I hope Stuart and Lesley have much to say about Scotland’s Notowns.

    • What kind of knowledge and insight are you hoping they will impart to you?

      • err…next weeks winning lottery numbers.

        aren’t you tired yet ? you’ve had a busy day trolling.

      • More than you can ever provide, having put up with your inane drivel over recent weeks. I know you’re afraid of radical change Baffled, but it’s coming anyway.

      • @ tartanfever and Neil Anderson: I often find myself in disagreement with BaffledbyHyperbole, and regret his or her frequently aggressive tone. But accusations of trolling and “inane drivel” are abuse, not argument.

        If you have points to make, then make them. Resorting to insults only serves to tarnish the independence movement.

      • Anton – ‘if you have points to make, make them’ –

        thats what I did. Sorry if it went over your head.

      • tartanfever,

        What a charming fellow you are.

        Pointing out hypocrisy and double standards, and expressing views that are contrary to your own supported by pertinent examples and evidence is not ‘trolling’

        Neither is it ‘inane drivel’.

        If you have any substantive points to make, lets hear them.

        Muttering ‘troll’ and ‘inane drivel’ etc only underlines that you are an empty vessel with nothing to say, except insults and empty rhetoric.

      • “…you are an empty vessel with nothing to say, except insults and empty rhetoric.”

        You have just described yourself perfectly. What admirable insight.

      • Oh come on that was rubbish.

        Even you can do better than that.

      • What, little me? Well, yes I can. Watch out for it.

        I think maybe you should give your fingers a rest now, as you’ve been typing long, vacuous comments on this site for much of the day.

        See how much concern I have for your welfare?

  2. Great news! Look forward to reading their columns. The Sunday Post’s loss is Bella’s gain!

  3. I’m posting from Wales and they’re familiar names to me even, well done : Llongyfarchiadau / congrats

  4. Brilliant news. It’s nice to see Bella Caledonia keep on blossoming and Lesley alone is probably worth an increase in my monthly contribution.

  5. Congratulations. Lesley Riddoch is the flower of Scotland!

  6. Lesley is indeed a great addition to the “team”. I have listened to Stuart on the Radio and look forward to his input. Two high profile Scots who talk sense…….surely not !!!!!

  7. I think that the quotation regarding Scotland being free when the last minister is strangled by the last copy of the Sunday post should more correctly read that Scotland will be free when the last Church of Scotland minister is strangled with the last copy of the Sunday post. Could he have had windy Wendy and wee Dougie in mind. Son and daughter of the manse.

  8. Wonderful news.Looking forward to their input.

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