Protecting The Unborn With Trident


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  1. Best yet. Love it.

  2. I like the self deleting Murphy, still too much of him left (not politically obviously) though.

  3. Pure giggle!!!

  4. Somewhere there is a mental asylum, lying empty for Scottish Labour Mp’s to fill. Excellent picture of Jim Smurphy. You have made him look like a paranoid zealot. Robertson is truly whacky,but not in a good way. I think he is mentally ill and needs treatment.

    Just as well we have an excellent health service to look after these people when they all lose their jobs. I believe in the first world war they called it shell shock. Now known as post traumatic stress. Reality will be the end for most Scottish Labour mp’s.

    • “Somewhere there is a mental asylum, lying empty for Scottish Labour Mp’s to fill.”

      That must be where they put crash Gordon after he is let out for periodical lectures to the fast dwindling Slab faithful and Daily Record ‘scribes’.

      Dinnae forget Slab’s MSP’s! They are in need of help too.

    • Those MPs don’t need to use the NHS (either the English or Scottish version), because they’re all enrolled on the best private healthcare schemes going as part of their salary/perks package at Westminster. If MPs had their own businesses, and their employees performed so poorly for their salaries, said employees would be ex-employees in next to no time.

    • Pink Floyd had the answer long ago. The Fletcher Memorial Home:

      Warmongering SLABers would fit right in.

  5. Brilliant as always……my hope is that Smurphy and his gang of dimwits actually get to see these cartoons.

  6. Brilliant . Can you please do a Part 2 so Murphy disappears completely.

  7. Brilliant. Greg …you’ve got some imagination! Love it …and loved the daft argument by Lord Robbo that if only the Ukraine had kept the bomb, then they could have nuked Russia. Priceless! It’s the same argument that we get from the clowns in this country; ‘if we don’t have the bomb, then the Iran will nuke us!!!’ Brilliant!!

  8. No bunny : ‘ (

  9. Greg, i laughed out loud this time, and that’s a first. Brilliant strip. I love the disappearing Smugurph.

  10. Ah, great, the re-return of Mystic Dode.

  11. Greg …maybe a late now, but if you do do the Crystal Ball thing again with Lord Robbo, then you should make it that Magic 8 ball. You know …the one where you shake it to get an answer. I could see you having lots of fun with that!

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