How Corrupt is Britain?

David Whyte – ‘How Corrupt is Britain?’ (Pluto, 2015)

“Corruption reproduces and concentrates power …”

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    Reality on the island…

  2. Scotland’s ‘establishment’ has over a very long time been found to be rotten to the core, at the highest levels, sector to sector. From the justiciary and legal fraternity, to local and central government, the media, financial sector, the myriad of public quangos, private schools, defence supply sector, and our elite self-regulated, asset rich universities whose main focus is on educating anybody anywhere who has the required cash – poor Scots need not apply. Even certain SNP MSP’s have very close links to the likes of the pharmaceutical industry – healthcare after all is a £12bn industry in Scotland – the biggest industry we have and more or less totally publicly funded. Advocates (a private business) given title to Parliament House for nothing??????? What senior civil servant(s) did that???? And is that ex civil servant now connected with offshore private equity funds owning (and happily exploiting) former public assets??? Ex senior civil servants with inside contacts and info are hired by private suppliers to government?? Former public servants aplenty have become multi-millionaires – there is plenty of evidence of that – and not just of MP’s coining it in. And in reverse there are the multi-millionaires becoming ‘public servants’ – like the ‘noble’ investment bankers Lord Livingston and Lord Smith etc. And then there is the land of Scotland, stolen from its people over centuries, with current proposed land reforms looking rather limp. So our ‘elite’ is rotten to the core, much as they always have been, and things are not getting any better. I will buy David Whyte’s excellent book but I suspect very little in it will shock me.

    How about a ‘Minister for (or against!) Corruption’ Nicola to deal with this? Or don’t you want to rock the establishment boat?

  3. Looking forward to picking up a copy of David’s book, I do not expect to be too shocked by its content either. I think having a Minister with a anti-corruption portfolio an excellent idea and I think I know just the man for the job 🙂

  4. Good trail, If the book lives up to this it’ll be well worth the asking price.

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