Tax-Dodging is Theft

UK Gold – Trailer and Soundtrack

Think Britain’s a poor country in need of austerity cuts? Think again. The UK Gold is essential viewing. An in-depth investigation of the tax avoidance industry in the UK, The UK Gold tackles tax dodging corporations and government complicity so directly that both BBC and Channel 4 refused to run it. It is, they claimed, ‘too controversial’.

“Now is the time to reveal the revolving doors between government and the City that has bred lies and corruption for so long, siphoning money through our tax havens for the global super rich, while now preaching that we the people must pay our taxes and suffer austerity. Just who does our government work for?”

– Thom Yorke

See the trailer below or listen to the soundtrack featuring Thom Yorke, Massive Attack and Radiohead from here.

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3 replies

  1. The present rules and regulations have to be changed.Are the Russians not the biggest [investors] in London

  2. “An English vicar challenges….” good on him … we need to rebuild the tradition of Christ turning over the money-changers’ tables. Then, at last, you reclaim from the forces of its corruption a Christianity worthy of a second look.


  1. Tax-Dodging is Theft | bethatuws

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