Broken Britain 1 – Yarl’s Wood #brokenbritain

Inspired by David we today kick off a series of films and articles about Broken Britain. This is a country disfigured by inequality  in which power is concentrated, centralised and controlled by patronage. Britain is broken economically, culturally, socially and politically. In this series we will look at these issues one by one.

Here’s an example of how Britain’s rule of law has been undermined as it descends into a secret state, captured by it’s military adventurism and it’s lack of legal oversight or constitutional control. Run by Serco, Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre is 50 miles north of London in the Bedfordshire countryside. It is the main immigration removal centre for women and families in the UK. Migrants and asylum seekers can be locked up at the high-security detention centre indefinitely and reports of abuse, self-harm and suicide are common.

Most of its near 400 detainees are failed asylum seekers who have committed no crime. This report is from Channel 4 News:


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  1. A mini Concentration camp in Bedfordshire staffed by SS guards. More coming your way soon with Electrified fences and Special showers for Insurgents ?

  2. This place, and the behaviour of many of the staff as depicted here, is an absolute disgrace. On the face of it, there seems a prima facie case for formal inquiry.

    • A formal enquiry that will cost millions of our tax and ultimately be kicked into the long grass where all the other crimes of the British State wind up?
      It’s just a pity there’s no mechanism for putting such rotten, dysfunctional States into some kind of full-spectrum administration like some failed corporate body with the directors and middle management behind bars.

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