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  1. Your caricature of Gordon Brown cracks me up. I piss myself laughing every time I see it. 🙂

  2. Most excellent. Aerosmith. Gregg, you are a genius!

  3. All out to remove Murphy. The gap has closed considerably. Indeed, Kirsten Oswald has overtaken the tory and is in second place, a far cry from 2010’s showing. Then it was Murphytory 50.8%, genuinetory 30.4%, slippery democrat 9.2%, SNP 8.9% and (?) UKIP 0.7%. So far it’s Murphtory 33%, SNP 31%, genuinetory 27%, no figure for slippery democrat or kipper… All to play for I’d say!

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  5. David Mundane! Your right I forgot about him.Time for bed, the thought of him is making me sleepy.

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