Beyond NC versus Loki

In the light of the Loki v National Collective debate, and in the wake of the Blurred Lines V Marvin Gaye ruling, I give you Jimmy Shand and 50 Cent teaming up to point the way forward … #allraysofcultureintoone #BluebellPolka (thanks to Archie Nichol)

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  1. What in the name of all things sacred….

  2. ‘Careful! Truces can be fragile …on the other hand, the one between the Dutch Republic and the Spanish Netherlands has proved fairly stable.

  3. C’mon, Bella, paste on yer fake beard and strum along on your gee-tar.

    BTW, and completely O/T, I have just bought a copy of “Testament” by Robert Crawford. It really is rather good, y’know.

    Disclaimer: I do not work for Jonathan Cape.

  4. Loki’s article is funnier, I’m sure he’s enjoying this free promotion, who was he before he broke the 1,000 plays?

  5. My dad was a huge Jimmy Shand fan. I’m sure that birling sound is him spinning in his grave 🙂


  1. Beyond NC versus Loki - The People's Republic of Clydebank

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