Conversation with Loki and Michael Gray

Not sure who’s interviewing who here – but there’s loads of good stuff in it. There’s a lot of derogatory patronising stuff pumped out about ‘new media’ and ‘citizens media’. The reality is that this 1 million miles better than most of the sanitised anodyne pish you will hear and watch on (any) Scottish broadcast channels.

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  1. Wow – a sensible exchange about UKIP and its rise, what motivates people (esp. in England) to support them, recognising that the experience of immigration in England has been and is different, etc. etc.

    I cannot recall seeing a broadcast exchange like that in England. (usually just people shouting at each other, ‘you can’t tell me to shut up, NO, you can’t tell ME to shut up, etc. etc)

    England could learn something from that.

  2. The sound sucks. Could not hear him,

  3. Is there a link to this if it’s to be a regular thing? I looked in the list down the right hand side, but couldn’t spot it.

    As Corporatist Hell said, it is excellent. They both have a very dry, Scottish wit about them. And the time given was, what, a hundred times greater than you’d get on regular TV. Enough time to form an opinion on what they were saying.

    Great stuff, long may it continue.

  4. Thanks for checking it folks. And I’m grateful to Bella for supporting it.

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