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  1. Fantastic stuff.

  2. Worth it for the final frame alone!

  3. Murphy swapping jobs with JC Superstar? Thought he already had. Would have to drive over water now though, because JC doesn’t do walking anymore. Great toon.

  4. Fantastic

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  5. Ha “Phwoar!! Look at the f*ckin chassis on that”.

    And yid think Main Stream Murphy was always on “top gear”.

    I’ll get mi jeckit.

  6. Sheer class again from Greg

  7. Started well

  8. Thank you! I needed that to rebalance the outpouring of grief there is for that boor! Branch Manager is the perfect fit!

  9. “Pity I didn’t learn much from that nine year car mechanic course”

  10. priceless! Such a huge talent ( I mean Greg Moodie not Clarkson….)

  11. on the ball as usual……..

  12. totes amazeballs

  13. Totes shizzballs.

  14. Just really needed Murphy with spiralling eyes standing by the crashed car holding an empty crisp packet and a packet of UHU Super Glue …and possibly saying that ‘I couldn’t remember if I was driving or not…hmmm’

  15. somebody get me some water, I think I’m about to pass out after a 24 hour laugathon

  16. What does a ” Black,one legged, Muslim, single parent lesbian,Vegan Stalinist eat?

    Im guessing
    Cabbage with tofu and halal caviar gumbo, (sparingly, after her kids have eaten,) in a disciplined manner

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