The Good, The Bad and the Inconsequential



Greg Moodie's Election Dissection

In the meantime, feast your peepers on this!:


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  1. Poor stuff if its meant to be a commentary on the 2 debates. Was;t sure about that with all the irrelevant personal bile being lobbed at some people

  2. I agree. Partisan. Facile. Over-stated. Hence, boring.

  3. Brilliant, can’t stop laughing.

  4. Ach comic genius !! A rerr wee laugh .Power tae yer Pen !!Crisp poke was a belter.

  5. Excellent, I am a big fan.

  6. Stroke of genius…. That’s NOT an offer BTW!

    Only to be appreciated by those with SOH…lol

  7. So funny, and I see a lot of sites have been picking up some strange new visitors, who strangely enough, don’t seem to share our sense of humour. lol.

    • Aye Patrick and these new chums like to get in early. Wasting their time though coz oor Gregg’s cartoon’s are brilliant. I don’t read every article there ain’t enough time BUT I read every one of Gregg’s realistic depictions of life for normal people in the Unionist camp.

  8. Terrific, right on the nose. The best yet.

  9. Brilliant!

    A verbatim account of events.

    As for the last frame …any suggestions on how to get nasally squirted coffee out of a keyboard?

  10. Brilliant.
    Who knew unionists can’t get the humour in a cartoon?

  11. Absolutely fantastic. I think this is your best one yet. So much to catch and appreciate on a second read (glance?) through.

  12. Murphy, Alexander et al, soon to go the way of Portillo. Uit on their erses. Publicly. Twill be a joy to behold. A cannae wait.

  13. I imagine the naysayers commenting on here are upset there are no wee malformed scotch people in kilts, playing bagpipes and begging – that’s proper humour unionist style.

    • Dogardiner: You say that, but as a No voter I have to say the thing that worries me isn’t so much people mocking Murphy, Cameron, Miliband and the rest (that doesn’t worry me at all) but the odd reluctance so many people seem to have about mocking Salmond and Sturgeon. The overblown horror at that Steve Bell cartoon summed that kind of mentality up – I really can’t imagine anyone getting that upset about, say, a cartoon about Nick Clegg. I’ll probably vote for the Lib Dems in May and I’m struggling to think of what you’d have to include in a cartoon about Clegg for me to get even mildly perturbed, far less frothing at the mouth with rage.

      I get the whole “us vs them” mentality that developed during the referendum, but generally speaking I think citizens mocking their own leaders is a deeply healthy thing in a democracy. For whatever reason that seems to have been stifled in Scotland as far as the SNP are concerned and I really don’t think that needs to be the case.

      • You mistake things if you are comparing these cartoons to Bells.

        It is one thing to poke fun of politicians. All politicians are fair game, including Salmond and Sturgeon. It however crosses the line when you use that to then crack jokes about culture using tired old stereotypes like “inbred kilt wearing freaks” as Bell is known to do.

        Its not that hard to satirise someone without actually attacking a minority. Cartoonists poke fun of politicians on a daily basis, the good cartoonist/satirist knows how to keep their attempts at humor on base, without hitting anything else as collateral. The bad cartoonist/satirist falls back on tired old culture stereotypes

        Insult a culture, you insult the people who hold that culture dear to their heart. That’s the same everywhere on this planet because its a reaction that comes from human nature.

  14. Aye, they don’t like it up em Captain Mainwairing Sir.

  15. I wouldn,t put too much faith in “the polls” ,this country has been riven with factionalism and downright treachery throughout our history from circa the reformation,we do not deserve a leader of the quality/charisma/honesty of Nicola Sturgeon,why after all that has been thrown/shown at her and the SNP as downright lies people are still going to vote Labour/Tory in huge numbers it really beggars belief.

  16. Partisan. Facile. Over-stated. Hence, boring……..but enough about Frederick Robinson and his onanist pals.

    Brilliant summing up Greg of the farce of the ‘debates’ staged by our partisan media and their futile attempt to feed Nicola to the attack dogs of Brit shits masquerading as politicians. Murphy’s incoherent pseudo preacher schtick is perfectly summed up by your art work. I’ll be buying the latest book.

  17. Fine by me. Keep them coming Greg and never mind about ruffling a few feathers

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