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  1. Hope all goin well on route to panama. Tahiti sounded amazin.

  2. ha ha very good i was singing along reading it , is this idiot really going to give us a fairy tale the scottish labour manifesto hey jimbo its been done by ed and ed your one dosnt -register- mater- its irrelevant weren’t you listening jimbo or as usual were you too busy shouting & giving us all a headache

  3. Outstanding. Dim Jim in a box .

    Superb stuff GM. What a talent 🙂

  4. Tosh. The cartoonist must have a very small winkie.

  5. Poor old Murphy no principals to stick to.

  6. I always have a vision of Jim in a cowboy outfit failing to pull the gun out of the holster every time he tries to shoot down Nicola Sturgeon and repeatedly shoots himself in the foot

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