A Bunch Of Kunst

From Bonnie Prince Bob & Sir Norrie of Harman here’s ‘A Bunch of Kunst’ – the follow up film to their box-office smash ‘Jim Murphy, The Saviour of the Union’  Enjoy!

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  1. Interesting to see Rupert Murdoch in the rogues gallery.

    That’ll be the owner of the publisher of Alec Salmond’s recent book. The same person that Lord Leveson mentioned when he reported that Mr Salmond showed a “striking” readiness to lobby UK ministers on behalf of Mr Murdoch’s News Corporation. And, of course, the one and same is owner of the Sun, pushing for the SNP and Tories in the current election.

    By your friends shall ye be known

  2. Pure genius wee film .Cheers!!!

  3. Yup, keep Scotland beautiful. Help make it even more beautiful by getting shot of the austerity enthusiasts and misery-mongers.

  4. All good except the sexist play on words in the title. A more equal, less Dickensian Scotland is surely what’s needed.

  5. I can’t help but notice that the “arch-künstmeister” himself, namely Gordie boy Broon, that son of a b****, I mean( the manse), has recently been witnessed putting the world to rights by reminding we Scots how grateful we should be for he and his New Labour Party pal, Mr Darling, saving the world banking system, and presumably, for selling off the gold reserves at rock bottom prices, and generally being a pair of rather splendidly good-eggs. So don’t ever forget that folks. Because he’s going to fight, fight, fight to save the union. Something about fighting yesterday’s battles readily springs to mind here. Oh by the way, remember to vote for Jim Murphy. Another Blairite New Labour Party Pal of his. He’s apparently a pair of safe hands. Personally, I’ll no be playin thon game. I remember the auld labour party. Or as Elaine C Smith might put it…………………..”AYE RIGHT GORDON”!!

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