Hating The Gaelic


Following a brief period of relative quiet the haters of Scottish Gaelic are back in full-swing, attacking new education legislation in Scotland which includes provisions to allow Gaelic-speaking parents to request Gaelic-medium schooling for their Gaelic-speaking children. The horror! From the Deadline News Agency, a press organisation with a certain reputation when it comes to reporting on Scotland’s indigenous tongue:

“PRIMARY schools will be forced to teach in Gaelic, even if their area has no history of using the language.

At present only 3,500 pupils across Scotland are taught their day-to-day lessons in the Gaelic language.

But a new law passed by the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday means councils across the country will have to provide an education in the language if a parent asks them to.”

Let’s just examine the above claim. The new “Education (Scotland) Bill” does not include any requirements forcing primary schools to teach in the Scottish Gaelic language…

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