paperbacksReviews, Review Articles, Extracts and Booknotes

David Graeber interview – by JP O’Malley

Republic of Books – Bella’s Indy Canon

Paradise Road – by Stephen O’ Donell

A Bird is not a Stone Edited by Henry Bell and Sarah Irving (Freight Books)

Inspired by Independence Edited by Ross Colquhoun and Chris Silver

Bigotry Football and Scotland Edited by John Flint and John Kelly

paperbacksAdequately Explained by Stupidity? – by Graeme Purves

Scotland the Brave by Gregor Gall – by Gregor Gall

Book Report – round up of new non-fiction titles by Mike Small

The Case for Left Wing Nationalism – Part 1 – reviewed by Pat Kane

The Case for left Wing Nationalism – Part 2 – reviewed by Pat Kane

Minority Reporter By Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, reviewed by Mike Small

paperbacksDigging the Seam – photo essay on the Miners Strike

George Davie: Life and Significance, reviewed by Murdo Macdonald

The Sea Inside by Philip Hoare reviewed by Kathleen Jamie

Five Books to save Scotland by Christopher Silver

The Poetics of a Stateless Nation by Stewart Sanderson

British Values – review of Cruel Britannia by Nicholas Mercer

Scottish Independence and British Unity by Irvine Welsh

paperbacksScotland Deformed by Kirsten Stirling

After Britain by Mike Small

Irvine Welsh at the Book Festival (2012)

Poetry on Trial 1: What are poets for? by George Gunn

A Scottish Spring, Reflections on 2011 by Mike Small

Broonland – Two Views

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  1. Hello, I emailed a few weeks ago and still haven’t received a reply. Should I send again?

  2. Looking forward to seeing a review of Something Chronic, set in Dundee through magic realist eyes. Published by Word Power Books. (Declaring my interest as the author.)

  3. Would love any reviews of Capital Offence, a thriller set in a newly independent Scotland. All proceeds between now and 18th September are going to the Yes campaign, with a guaranteed minimum of £1000. If you could post reviews on to Amazon too that would help massively. You can find it on Amazon Kindle at £1.99.


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