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The State We’re In

Some of the best cartoons emerging from the General Election are on display at the Leiper Fine Art in Glasgow.  There are original works by Chris Cairns, Iain Green, Greg Moodie, Terry Anderson, Gary Barker, Steve Bright and Lorna Miller (Morning… Read More ›

Folk Film Gathering

Folk Film Gathering 2015; 1st – 7th May; Edinburgh Filmhouse previewed by Jamie Chambers Hamish Henderson had a fine phrase; ‘it was in you that it a’ began’. Taken from his introduction to Ted Cowan’s The People’s Past, the words… Read More ›

One Nation Onesie

Is this the perfect gift for your Better Together loved one at Christmas? The Union Jack Onesie boasts deep pockets for receiving funds from our benevolent neighbours, a padded bottom for anyone getting a sore arse sitting on the fence… Read More ›

Indy Knitting?

As part of our new Celebrating Yes series this is a story of sovereignty, women, media and knitting. Jessie McLaughlin reports. Knitting a Nation involved approximately 40 knitters, plus 4 members of the planning/working group. The project was followed by… Read More ›

Still Brave

For those who missed it the first time – by popular demand – for £8 only (including postage) we have a limited number of Ciaran Murphy’s poster available as a celebration of the Yes movement or a momento of the… Read More ›

Another Country

The stream of cultural outpourings brought on by the referendum has turned into a torrent. We can’t keep up, so apologies if yours isn’t amongst this semi-random handful. We’ll just grab a group and throw them out there as we… Read More ›

iPoster Competition Winner

Tonight we are announcing the winner of our national poster competition at Hemma Bar, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, from 7-9 pm. All welcome. The artists come from Glasgow, Mull, St Andrews, Dundee, Kinghorn, Orkney, Edinburgh, London and elsewhere. They are professional… Read More ›

Indy Poster Winners

Tomorrow we announce our top 20 shortlisted posters for the indyref poster competition. The top entries will be on display from 11 am to 12.30 pm at the CCA, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, where we’ll be presenting them to the press…. Read More ›

Indyref Poster Competition

Here’s the long-list of entries for our poster competition in collaboration with the Scottish Independence Convention. If you are sharing these images (please do!), please credit the individual artist and @ScotIndConv. In two weeks we’ll announce the shortlist to go… Read More ›


For those of you who don’t venture beyond our featured article, take a gander over at our book review section HERE where we have a heap of reviews, extracts, features, essays and articles including: Five Books to Save Scotland by… Read More ›

Back to Bowie’s

Despite the best intentions of some, the referendum is going to be the all consuming backdrop to this years Edinburgh Festival. But as well as infiltrating every bar room conversation and every stand up show, and even having managed to… Read More ›

Art and the Future

A great reply here from Murdo Macdonald to Jonathon Jones piece ‘Why Scotland should follow its art and vote no to independence’ This is a difficult piece to which to respond because of its premise. I’ve no idea what the… Read More ›

Writer’s Bloc

By Mike Small I’m being Inspired by Independence (Word Power Books) edited by Ross Colquhoun and Christopher Silver and in particular the work of Lyndsay Allardyce (great gulls!); Meg Bateman on the land as the feminine principle and learning something… Read More ›

Yes Poster Competition

If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be? Bella Caledonia and the Scottish Independence Convention have teamed up to bring you the ultimate indyref competition. We are looking for work that inspires… Read More ›

Closer Launch

The next issue of Closer magazine launches this Saturday featuring fourteen writers, artists and thinkers on how to create a democracy in Scotland. It also includes a free commemorative poster by Noel Douglas. You can BUY YOUR COPY HERE and… Read More ›


By Janie Nicoll Like many people today my first waking moments were filled with thoughts about the Macintosh building at Glasgow School of Art, and how yesterday seemed like a horrible dream. It seems unbelievable what has happened, like an… Read More ›

Easter Rising

Bella is taking a short break for the Easter holidays to have a brief digital detox and gorge on over-packed chocolate items. We will be back with you next week. In the meantime, take a chance to share the details… Read More ›

An Eye for an Aye?

If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be? Bella, National Collective and Scottish Independence Convention today launch a national prize competition …

Signs of In(ter)dependence

‘The run up to Scottish Referendum has inspired a re-examination the relationships, tensions and dialogues between the constituent parts of the Atlantic Archipelago and its place in the wider international community’. A great line up for this event by the… Read More ›