Utah Saints

By Mike Small “Time is not Money; time is Life. When more people can be persuaded to think along these lines we will have taken a real step forward …” – Why Work? (Freedom Press, 1990) In 2008, amid the… Read More ›

Independent Renaissances?

Independent Renaissances? Narratives for radical Human Ecology in Scotland The Centre for Human Ecology (CHE) is calling for scholars who would like to explore Scottish issues rooted in radical human ecology in the run-up to the independence referendum in September… Read More ›

Toil as Citizenship

Bella has been thinking about work and economy in the context of Occupy, independence, climate change and collapsonomics. Here’s David Graeber: In 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that, by century’s end, technology would have advanced sufficiently that countries like Britain… Read More ›

Protest Overview

This is from Ultraculture who introduce it saying: “Penn State doctoral candidate John Beieler has created a time-lapse visualization of every protest on the planet since 1979. What you’ll see is tiny blips popping off here and there in the… Read More ›

Couch Surfing and Crowd-Surfing

Amanda Palmer: The art of asking. Ahead of the festival we found this funny and moving about the nature of performance, faith in humanity, crowd funding, ninja master-level fan-connection and random intimacy  … See more about Amanda P here.

Austerity Unionism

By Mike Small There’s an incredible process of unification and merger going on before our eyes. George Osbourne today announced cuts of £11.5b more from public services coming down the line using the same language as Johann Lamont of destroying… Read More ›

The Wind of Change

By Mike Small I don’t believe the gold of today is under the ground. I believe we are the gold. Toby Shapshak, TED GLobal, Edinburgh The independence campaign is shaped and moulded by discussions about oil but it needs to… Read More ›

It’s Democracy Stupid

By Christopher Silver @silverscotland One of the most telling phrases in modern politics, “It’s the economy, stupid”, was coined by a strategist within Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign office to keep party activists on message. The more that I listen… Read More ›

What Don’t You Know?

Woad-Wary? Indy-Sceptic? Dunno-tastic? You’ve come to the right place… Now and then you’ve got to step back and re-imagine how and why you’re doing things. We’ve been thinking about what we do here at Bella Towers and we’ve got some… Read More ›

Let the People Lead

By Jean Urquhart I am more and more convinced that we need to raise awareness of having a written constitution for an Independent Scotland. We live in one of only three democracies that does not have a written constitution (Israel… Read More ›

Carrying the Fire

By Dougie Strang May 2013 has seen carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere reach concentrations at or above 400ppm. The first time this has been so for over 3 million years. Meanwhile the UK continues to experience ‘weird weather’: unseasonal… Read More ›


By Kate Higgins Most of us are waking leisurely to the prospect of a day aff. If we’re really lucky we’ll get the weather to do something nice. It’s the annual May Day holiday and as with many of these… Read More ›

The Future is a Hut

By Andy Wightman Sometimes life is sweet. People think good thoughts. Folk are inspired to imagine and drive forward a happier, more contented society where we live good lives in good places with economic and political democracy. A little bit… Read More ›

On the Road

By Gregor Gall Seven years ago, the Scottish Left Review Press (SLRP) published the original Is There a Scottish Road to Socialism? Its purpose was to examine how a road – maybe the road – forward to socialism in Scotland… Read More ›

Break Up or Break Out?

Amicable Separation? Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not attempting old-style nation-statehood: they are (and indeed, can’t help being) in search of a new mode of distinctive development. Post-globalisation self-rule, liberated from the contortions of imperialism and warfare, and adapted to circumstances in which the scale of statehood is no longer so important…

Just Say Yes

By Cat Boyd With the publication yesterday of Yes Scotland’s response to the STUC’s “Just Scotland” paper, the question is raised again – what would trade unionism look like in an independent Scotland? At his recent appearance at the Jimmy… Read More ›

The Reign in Spain

As British bankers criminality under Libor is laid bare Douglas Wilson looks at endemic Spanish corruption. There are so many corruption scandals going on in Spain at present it is difficult to keep abreast, from the allegations against the Duke… Read More ›

Fuzzy Friday

Something for the weekend sir? Each week we’ll be bringing you 5 great things we love. Things to do or watch, mostly non-political. Here’s our first top 5 … 1. The wonderful Overview movie has stunning footage and a profound… Read More ›


Bella is in reflective mood and wants to respond to the challenge laid down by Gerry Hassan about ‘the thinness of much of what passes for public debate’. We want to move beyond the ‘one-dimensional’, the tribal, the certain. The… Read More ›

Arc of Innovation?

Here’s an unashamed plug for Lesley Riddoch’s Nordic Horizons series with two events coming up ‘The Great Green Danes’ in January and ‘Iceland Bounces Back’ in February. First up, something is renewable in the state of Denmark. Scottish Parliament Committee… Read More ›

Patsy versus Ryan

Sometimes you’ve got to hand it to the No people. Despite getting a bad press for relentlessly flooding their media with scare stories (today we hear the price of energy will skyrocket after independence, though presumably this will be the… Read More ›