Climate Change

The Wind of Change

By Mike Small I don’t believe the gold of today is under the ground. I believe we are the gold. Toby Shapshak, TED GLobal, Edinburgh The independence campaign is shaped and moulded by discussions about oil but it needs to… Read More ›

The Power of Scotland

By Stan Blackley (@stanblackley ) is Deputy Director of Communities at Yes Scotland ( Earlier this week I took part in a breakfast debate at the Scottish Renewables annual conference on the impact that Scottish independence might have on renewable… Read More ›

Rio Grand Apathy

By Ross Croall Throw off the shackles of the so-called ‘debate’ on climate change – environmental problems are real, and they are here to stay. Forget about global warming for a second.  By the middle of the current century, human… Read More ›

On the Edge

An exceptional work of analysis and vision from one of the most astute observers of the present worldwide revolt. Jerome E. Roos is the founder of (Reflections on a Revolution), and has traveled extensively in southern Europe over the… Read More ›

Indy Max or the Status Quo

This is the second in our series on #IndyMax  (see also Trident Nowhere to Go here) By Justin Kenrick Four non-nationalist reasons for independence, and one reason against For those voters who could swing the referendum to independence, independence is not… Read More ›

The Invisible Fightback

As Gideon Osbourne and the perfidious Liberals announce the most punitive attack on working people that would make even the Milk Snatcher blush crimson, we round-up some of the responses – online and in the real world,

Being Human

By Justin Kenrick Mapping our route, based on a more accurate understanding of what it is to be human… If what we need is – in part – to create a set of proposals, a routemap, to help us disentangle… Read More ›

Hit the North

“Economic ‘failure’ was used as an excuse for the IMF to privatise services, decimate societies and prop up or restore dictators across swathes of Latin America, Africa and elsewhere; and this approach is currently being used across southern Europe and is likely to reach the rest of us very soon…”

Change: Accelerator

Should those active in political parties who see the need to reign in corporate power, focus not on party building but on building a broader movement of which their parties are a part? Should they focus less on electoral strategy than on culture shift strategy, and on connecting this to addressing the democratic deficit?

The Road to Nowhere

With the news that everything the protestors at the Pollock Free State – said was true all along we feature Rosie Kane from her new blog: “Tomorrow evening a whole bunch of smiling politicians and dignitaries will stand on the… Read More ›

Shock of the Century

By Michael Greenwell Brian Taylor of BBC politics fame had a seemingly off-record quote about the startlingly obvious yesterday… Firstly, a UK minister told me, with considerable emphasis, that the government at Westminster was “not neutral” with regard to Scottish… Read More ›

In the World, at the Limits to Growth

“It’s been part of the background noise for over half a century, warnings about resource scarcity, biodiversity loss, soil erosion or climate change. But impacts were always on the imaginative horizon. Sometime, far enough into the future to be re-assuring to a species that evolved with a clear preference for the short-term…”

Beyond Broken Britain

An SNP administration in full coalition with the Scottish Green Party could allow real change to sweep across the nation. Major shifts towards a low-carbon society AND a transition away from the centralised feudal constitution of the British State ARE achievable through such an alliance.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

What about the train? Well ‘our’ high speed rail network ends at Birmingham. Tory-Liberal Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond inadvertantly spoke the truth when he told the Conservative conference last year: “We have committed to a high-speed rail network that will change the social and economic geography of Britain”. But it’s not just our infrastructure disenfranchisement. It’s about the continued control of society by private business.

Oxfam Scotland’s 2011

It’s great to keep an international perspective with this the latest of our Hopes & Visions series which runs through January. See also Justin Kenrick here on a breakthrough for ecology and social justice, Pat Kane on ‘envisioning real utopias’… Read More ›

Beyond the Stupid Economy

The real issue is not the relationship between sovereignty and prosperity but between prosperity and growth. Ireland’s real ‘crime’ was not to be independent, or to be part of Europe, it was to be obsessed with growth.

From Congo with Love

The Big Tent, Scotland’s environmental festival (23rd-25th July) launches this Friday 23rd July with the first showing outside London of renowned photographer Rankin’s ‘From Congo with Love’.


COP15 isn’t just a political failure it’s the failure of politics, leaving liberal lobbying exposed as a strategic model. Where does  that leave us in Scotland as part of a wider geopolitical movement? By Mike Small. “The most progressive US… Read More ›

Carbon Futures

As the SNP gathers in Inverness the slogan “It’s Scotland’s Oil” seems an awfully long time ago. We rightly celebrate the best climate change bill in the world, but this from Grist makes the mood seem a little less celebratory:… Read More ›


This from Alastair McIntosh: “In the forecourt of Euston station sits a tractor-sized sculpture called Piscator. “Silvery and enigmatic”, said the Telegraph in its obituary of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. He’d crafted the piece in honour of Erwin Piscator, the German… Read More ›