Third Scotland

“The scale of change in Scotland in recent years has been of historic proportions. One consequence of this has been the sense of incomprehension and even loss in parts of pro-union Scotland along with UK elites, who have seen all this as the work of Salmond and the SNP.”

Supple Minds

‘The independence referendum is, in a stark way, beginning to reveal the real lines of power and authority inside the UK’ writes the  NEF’s James Meadway The referendum on Scottish independence is provoking political convulsions in Westminster. With polls showing… Read More ›

Commonwealth Games

By Mike Small Yesterday’s announcement of the Commonwealth Games tickets going on sale was rather spoiled by today’s announcement that – in the event of us deciding our own government – we would be cast out of the Commonwealth. The… Read More ›

Carrying the Fire

By Dougie Strang May 2013 has seen carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere reach concentrations at or above 400ppm. The first time this has been so for over 3 million years. Meanwhile the UK continues to experience ‘weird weather’: unseasonal… Read More ›

The Markheims in our Midst

We need a state run bank in an independent Scotland, a bank with a social function in its charter, which supports entrepreneurs, social projects, and the vulnerable in society, that gives the customer a reasonable and fair deal: a people’s bank. A bank devoted to that old fashioned idea of lending money to ordinary people with a project they want to carry out, as opposed to these corrupt institutions of today devoted to playing the stock market and passing on the bill to the tax payer. I would like to see a people’s bank written into the Constitution of an independent Scotland.


Andy Wightman explores ideas to combat the feral elite who have wrecked havoc on our economy for their own personal aggrandisement…

Rio Grand Apathy

By Ross Croall Throw off the shackles of the so-called ‘debate’ on climate change – environmental problems are real, and they are here to stay. Forget about global warming for a second.  By the middle of the current century, human… Read More ›

On the Edge

An exceptional work of analysis and vision from one of the most astute observers of the present worldwide revolt. Jerome E. Roos is the founder of (Reflections on a Revolution), and has traveled extensively in southern Europe over the… Read More ›

Pongoo Politics

After Professor Pongoo won more first preference votes than the Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate in Pentland Hills (Edinburgh City Council) wards we approached him to write exclusively for Bella. Pongoo said the Lib Dems and Labour both “talk the talk”,… Read More ›

The Rangers Omnishambles

“So what if the TV deal goes into the ground? Either Scottish football runs Scottish football or the toxic hand of Rupert Murdoch does? Time to decide…” Alex Thomson on the Rangers omnishambles: So now the dust has slightly settled… Read More ›

Indy Max or the Status Quo

This is the second in our series on #IndyMax  (see also Trident Nowhere to Go here) By Justin Kenrick Four non-nationalist reasons for independence, and one reason against For those voters who could swing the referendum to independence, independence is not… Read More ›

Fear Merchants

Capitalism has duped us into thinking that money is God, that stuff will stave off unhappiness, and we must work on the hamster wheel of material accumulation to inoculate ourselves from lack.

Infinitely Demanding

…we are entering into a period of increasingly massive social dislocations and disorder which harbors within it countless risks, defeats, dangers, false dawns and fake defeats. But…we are all coming to the powerful and simple realization that human beings acting… Read More ›

The Invisible Fightback

As Gideon Osbourne and the perfidious Liberals announce the most punitive attack on working people that would make even the Milk Snatcher blush crimson, we round-up some of the responses – online and in the real world,


By Mike Small Curious George Lyon has having a go at the annual parlour game called ‘Mibbes Aye, Mibbes Naw’ in which an independent Scotland’s membership of the Euro, the EU or the Eurovision Song Contest is called into question…. Read More ›

Occupy Edinburgh

Politics in the service of people and planet; not run by corporations for profit. This is local, national and global democracy. That is what we demand – something only we can make.

Our Tory Rulers

By Mike Small The responses to the financial violence of the banking coup has been massive – a whole new movement has been created (#UKUncut to name just one) – and a whole generation has been politicised or radicalised by… Read More ›