Common Good

The Wind of Change

By Mike Small I don’t believe the gold of today is under the ground. I believe we are the gold. Toby Shapshak, TED GLobal, Edinburgh The independence campaign is shaped and moulded by discussions about oil but it needs to… Read More ›

The Seven Wonders

Scotland’s Stories: Imagining and Making Our Own Collective Future by Gerry Hassan Scotland’s future is about greater self-government but at the same time it has to be about more than that if it is to reach out and be relevant… Read More ›


By Mike Small Johann Lamont’s extended and public self-immolation has churned up some fascinating divisions in how our politicians see the world. One group sees the rich (defined vaguely as anyone earning over £40,000 and the stratospherically rich leaders of… Read More ›

Rio Grand Apathy

By Ross Croall Throw off the shackles of the so-called ‘debate’ on climate change – environmental problems are real, and they are here to stay. Forget about global warming for a second.  By the middle of the current century, human… Read More ›

The Invisible Fightback

As Gideon Osbourne and the perfidious Liberals announce the most punitive attack on working people that would make even the Milk Snatcher blush crimson, we round-up some of the responses – online and in the real world,

Defiance Budgets?

By Jimmy Kerr I come from Paisley, a place steeped in radical history and every year members of my group, various people, mostly from the independence movement, some left republicans like myself, get together to commemorate the 1820 uprising, the… Read More ›

The Sovereign Grant Bill: Bad for Scotland and Bad for the UK

The crown estate represents a varied mix of property – with a book value currently estimated at £6.6 billion, a figure which almost certainly underestimates the true value. It includes large holdings of rural and urban land, as well as extensive marine assets. These marine assets include over half of the foreshore of the UK, all of the seabed out to the 12 nautical mile limit, and mineral rights, (excluding hydrocarbons), over the continental shelf.

Change: Accelerator

Should those active in political parties who see the need to reign in corporate power, focus not on party building but on building a broader movement of which their parties are a part? Should they focus less on electoral strategy than on culture shift strategy, and on connecting this to addressing the democratic deficit?

Shock of the Century

By Michael Greenwell Brian Taylor of BBC politics fame had a seemingly off-record quote about the startlingly obvious yesterday… Firstly, a UK minister told me, with considerable emphasis, that the government at Westminster was “not neutral” with regard to Scottish… Read More ›

Beyond Broken Britain

An SNP administration in full coalition with the Scottish Green Party could allow real change to sweep across the nation. Major shifts towards a low-carbon society AND a transition away from the centralised feudal constitution of the British State ARE achievable through such an alliance.

The Scotland Bill and the Crown Estate Commissioners

“Why is the Crown Estate still administered by Commissioners in London who are unaccountable to the Scottish Parliament and yet manage Scottish public land? Why, when all the planning and environmental regulation is carried out by Scottish local authorities and Marine Scotland at some cost to the public purse do net revenues still flow straight to HM Treasury?”

Bread and Circuses

Harry, Zara Kate and ‘Wills’ are just as much parasites on the public as the bankers vilified for the public excess that is just the norm behind the closed-doors of bloated finance. Hyper capitalism bankrupts us all…

News from Nowhere

Mhairi McGregor writes: Questions of leadership are not confined to the Miliband family. At Go Lassie Go, Joan McAlpine asks how Labour will cope without the Big Lies of Jim Murphy? Elsewhere, Kenneth Roy at the Scottish Review riles against maudling… Read More ›

Common Good

In a sea of cynicism, when it seems as if the courts, the media class and the political elite are against us, here’s a blast of practical Glaswegian idealism, ‘its not all bad news – crisis can also be a… Read More ›

Carbeth Land Buy-Out

Fran Higson writes: Travelling North West out of Glasgow on the A809, wealthy suburban housing estates give way to rich farm-land and pristine tgolf-courses, the land opens out towards the Campsie Fells and Trossachs.  Here you are in prime des-res… Read More ›