Paying for Higher Education

by Margaret & Jim Cuthbert This article reviews existing tuition fee arrangements for higher education throughout Europe, and drawing on this, suggests a number of approaches which the Scottish government might pursue to counter some of the problems posed by… Read More ›

Tax Haven Toolkit

No, it’s not a DIY guide to looting your country’s wealth but an activists kit to present the case for Tax Justice to folk in your own community.  When a swimming pool or library shuts, public sector staff are laid off,… Read More ›

Wean’s World

Twelve years of devolution have largely failed Scotland’s children. In twelve years of plenty, with record billions at our disposal, we have conspired to create a Scotland in which educational attainment has flatlined and health has deteriorated. Our children are now less well fed and less well off; they are more vulnerable, more abused and more neglected; violence and alcohol blight their lives daily.