English Culture

One Nationism Unleashed

By Mike Small Our Kingdom recently published an article by David Rickard on English politics and identity. It’s an extraordinary piece (‘We can’t resist privatisation until we restore the national’) We are the nation referenced in the very name of… Read More ›

Scotland UXB

By Mike Small What was the point in fighting a War on Terror if your own allies were busy boiling people alive? The quote is from a book by Dominic Streatfeild, A History of the World since 9/11, published in… Read More ›

Escher Politics

By Mike Small Under pressure from those who feel soiled by sharing a platform with the Tories (though oddly feel no problem in them running our country with no mandate) Labour today launch their very own No campaign: ‘Better Together… Read More ›

Northern Exposure

By Mike Small We’re celebrating George Osborne’s visit to Scotland to threaten us (see Ian Bell’s response here) with a look at some of the spectacular distortions and confusions by the London commentariat on independence and what this means. Sometimes… Read More ›


By Mike Small Cameron’s ‘Eurovision’ is a fundamental misreading of the mood of the nation (sic). While concerns about democratic deficiency are shared across the continent, there are quite different attitudes north and south of the border. All the talk,… Read More ›

Empire State of Mind

By Gerry Loose These are the territories and countries that could never make it without England’s support. They would fail. They would fail. American territories east of the Mississippi (in modern USA) Thirteen colonies roughly the area of Connecticut, Delaware,… Read More ›

Yob Culture

And so we continue, hurtling back, day by day with a sort of deformed debauched British State led by the Bullingdon Club Cabinet. As K-Punk tells it: “the most breathtaking aspect of the Bullingdon swindle is the “we’re all in… Read More ›

Rorschach England

This has been England’s Rorschach moment, where the collective bile against the underclass that 30 years of neoliberal policy has created comes to the surface. Where exactly did the rioters get the idea that there is no higher value than acquiring individual wealth, or that branded goods are the route to identity and self-respect?

Mobs and Monarchs

By The Heckler On 29 October 1795, George III was on his way to open Parliament, when his carriage was surrounded by a crowd calling for ‘peace’, ‘bread’, ‘no war’ and ‘no King’. The elaborate carriage (it had been in… Read More ›

The Democracy Of Books

“I’m of the opinion that authors should avoid reviewing books of their peers” Philip Kerr. By Kevin Williamson There’s been a nice wee authorial square-go erupted between our very own Philip Kerr and Allan Massie.  Its not quite the talk… Read More ›

Poisoned Chalice, anyone?

As a nation reels from what can only be described as ‘a kick in the polls’ by the London Meeja and their cross-party paymasters, Christopher Harvie writes on bankers, historians, industrialites and elites: Argument with Michael Fry, the grand fauve… Read More ›

The Constitution by Media

Mike Small writes: There  are certain rules. Davina is the Queen of Big Brother (RIP). Simon Cowell is the King of X-Factor and Graham Norton searches for Dorothy. The latest tv tradition we have established instantly is not decided  by parliament, or the… Read More ›