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The Numbers Game

Politics & Polling in the Independence Referendum. Polls are the Campaign. An exclusive look at the dark art of political polling in the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Common People

Robin McAlpine is closing down the Ministry of Common People on Your Knees, the Ministry of Stupid and the Ministry of Failure … From the brilliant Aye Talks series:     Buy the book of Commonweal here.


Here’s some photos from the Commemorative Screening of Braveheart at the Dominion Cinema yesterday as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival. It’s difficult to tell which seems longer ago, Braveheart or Bannockburn. Back then everybody thought independence was a pipedream… Read More ›

Fear Factor 1

Scared at the prospect of running your own country? Terrified about what the future holds? Haunted by nightmarish visions of deep uncertainty? The Fear Factor is a series of short films looking at why Scottish people are afraid, very afraid,… Read More ›


The Playlist call it the “the Welsh movie fans have been waiting for since 1996.” James McAvoy leads the picture as Bruce Robertson, a sex-obsessed, cocaine-addicted, bigoted Scottish police officer who is supposed to be investigating a murder but gets… Read More ›

We Are Northern Lights

Love this trailer for We Are Northern Lights! which will premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival (Feb 16) The film was created from footage submitted by the general public in Scotland over 3 months in 2012.

Neu! Reekie! #23

    Aside from Bella Caledonia an arts project I’m heavily involved with is Neu! Reekie!  Neu! Reekie! is a monthly anti-cabaret now based at Edinburgh’s Summerhall arts complex.  The Neu! Reekie! ‘happenings’ on the last Friday of each month… Read More ›