Taigh Tasgaidh Mara na h-Alba

Anns an dàrna alt san t-sreath Gàidhlig againn, tha Daibhidh Rothach a’ toirt sùil air Taigh Tasgaidh Mara na h-Alba agus ath-bheothachadh seann ghnìomhachais san sgìre timcheall air.   Aig deireadh nan seasgadan, chaidh Irbhinn a stèidheachadh mar bhaile-ùir, am… Read More ›

The Assurance of Self

Thig toradh aobhneis tron fhèin-mhisneachd seo – ge bith a bhlas a bhi Gàidhlig, Doric, Weigie, Glaschu na h-Èireann, Gallach, Sealltainneach – toradh ealain gu cinnteach mar a tha buailteach tachairt ann an dùthaich ùr (!) a’ tighinn gu bith agus a’ dearbhadh àite san t-saoghal mhòr a-muigh.

Language and Largs

When a languages dies, it is gone forever, only the whistle of the wind through grass, the gurgle of the moor burn at night, left to answer its ghost. While the tongues of the Pirahã and Cherokee are of equal value in the mesmerising tapestry of world culture and language, only Scotland can save Gaelic…

Gaelic Revival

By Arthur Cormack Neil Mcrae (‘What Gaelic Revival?’) quotes a foreword to Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s Annual Report written by me when I was the Bòrd’s Interim Chair. He does so extremely selectively, but that’s nothing new. I’ve tried reasonable debate… Read More ›


By Mike Small What is Struileag? It’s a good question to kick-off discussion with Jim Sutherland, the giant and genial bubbling hulk behind the project as we meet in a cafe in Edinburgh to try and figure it out. ‘It’s… Read More ›

Lost in Translation

Dr Wilson McLeod scrutinises the place of the Gaelic language in the independence debate and criticises the Scottish Government’s ‘illogical’ decision not to issue a bilingual ballot paper in the referendum. It is a commonplace that language plays only a… Read More ›


Are you Scot or a descendant of one? If so this might be for you! Massive outreach project. Culminating in an international large scale event, Struileag is a forward looking, multi-faceted, culturally ambitious project that will reach out around the… Read More ›

Irish Ayes

Britain’s Ancien Regime is in a state of flux and the current situation is loaded with potential and provides those of us striving for the maximum change in society with a historic opportunity.