Lounge Lizards

By Helen Wright Like many a Scottish queer, I’ve drunk a fair volume of vodka and coke and danced nights away on sticky floors in The Polo Lounge. In its own words, “Glasgow’s best gay and lesbian party” has been… Read More ›

Common Good

In a sea of cynicism, when it seems as if the courts, the media class and the political elite are against us, here’s a blast of practical Glaswegian idealism, ‘its not all bad news – crisis can also be a… Read More ›

Team Glasgow

Mhairi McGregor writes: my ‘Sunday Best’ column is late. I blame Jesus, bunnies and Cadbury’s (not necessarily in that order). Kenneth Roy over at the Scottish Review (‘The Secret Networkers’) asks simply: who is Team Glasgow? “Two weeks ago, I suggested… Read More ›