PFI Scotland

As the full catastrophe of the Labour / Tory PFI scandal unfolds before our eyes, Bella starts a series of articles and films looking at privatised Britain, what it means, who profits and what we can do about it, with… Read More ›

Wean’s World

By Kate Higgins Today is World Day for the Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children. Tomorrow is the United Nation’s Universal Children’s Day. Yet, this weekend there are children in Scotland too afraid to go to sleep for fear… Read More ›

China Meeting Africa

China’s presence in Africa has come in for withering criticism of late. Hillary Clinton has warned of a creeping “new colonialism” in Africa from foreign investors and governments interested only in extracting natural resources to enrich themselves. But that’s exactly what the West – and the IMF/World Bank – did for decades. Only now, following the global recession, Western investment in Africa is drying up

Generation Less

Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X, and A, chronicler of the internet era, codifier of minutaie of disaffected sects, neologist and cultural entrepreneur sets out his notes for the future. It’s important because Coupland’s invention of contemporary cultural concepts stick… Read More ›

Crack Capitalism

“Crack Capitalism”, argues that radical change can only come about through the creation, expansion and multiplication of ‘cracks’ in the capitalist system. These cracks are ordinary moments or spaces of rebellion in which we assert a different type of doing…. Read More ›

From Congo with Love

The Big Tent, Scotland’s environmental festival (23rd-25th July) launches this Friday 23rd July with the first showing outside London of renowned photographer Rankin’s ‘From Congo with Love’.

Bhopal 25 Years On

An important new book for the environmental justice movement has just been produced by independent Edinburgh publisher Word Power Books.  ‘Saving the World: Twenty Five Years of the Bhopal Survivors’ Movement’ edited by Eurig Scandrett is a powerful testimony of… Read More ›