Take Caledonia

‘Stop the World – Scotland wants to get on!’ said Winnie Ewing after winning Hamilton for the SNP in 1967. As revolutionary action sweeps the world how can we find new ways of participating and building political movements and embolden Scottish political expectations?

Huff Puff Enough?

How does it feel – as an occasional Huff Post Blogger who knew there would never be any payment involved – to observe the whole enterprise being sold to AOL for three hundred or so million dollars? I suppose I should be outraged that my free labour has contributed to a valuation from which I won’t receive a penny of direct profit. But I’m not…

Lennon vs Bono

By Mark Engler Effective celebrity activists use their fame to bring attention and credibility to legitimate representatives of social movements. That, in a nutshell, is my standard of celebrity activism done right. Ineffective celebrity activists…well, they do all sorts of… Read More ›

Britain & Freedom

Our friend Tom Griffin argues that Anthony Barnett’s piece on the BNP and the BBC is the best he’s seen so far, and certainly Barnett is clear where some have been ambiguous: “It is necessary and important to stress that… Read More ›

Democracy 2.0

On the night of Scotland’s greatest sporting achievement, I watched Scotland defeat World Cup finalists France in a bar in Burntisland. Due to the Sky connection failing frantic efforts to locate coverage of the game ended in us watching the… Read More ›