New Media Questions

The ‘new media’ gets some stick for not working under the same ‘constraints’ and ‘rigour’ as the traditional press. We think this is funny given the culture, (mal) practices and track record of much of the mainstream media. Here’s some guidelines and thoughts… Read More ›

A Compliant Media

By Jamie Frame. We need a new media that reflects our future. There are facts in the independence debate. A clear example would be that Scotland contributes more proportionately to the UK than it receives in government spending. Year after year… Read More ›

A Better Media Is Possible

“… the established media continues to define the scope of representative politics in Britain, to shape political demands and to punish and erase those who resist. It is one chamber of the corrupt heart of Britain, pumping fear, misinformation and hatred around the body politic…”

Closer 3

Closer 3 comes back from the printers tomorrow. This is the third of four special edition print off-shoots that Bella dabbles in in our down-time. Issue one was about innovation and democracy. Issue two was all about participation. Issue three is written by… Read More ›

The Pocket Commentariat

Christopher Harvie studies the Times, in Scotland… THE TIMES Scottish commentary has a talent to amuse, largely unintentionally, few pseudonymous cyberhecklers, and better spelling than most. The word ‘iconic’ is avoided, for which many thanks. What follows may be like… Read More ›

Towards a Fifth Estate

Everywhere we look, our media is failing us. Whether it’s the referendum campaign, the reporting from Gaza, or the representation of women, it’s a corrosive, abusive force. The way we share information, the stories we tell each other, has been… Read More ›

Referendum TV – Prog 1

The first broadcast of Referendum TV, with guests – novelist Sara Sheridan, part of the recent National Collective Yestival, Dundee band Orc Mischief, and Tomak Barkowy – Polish actor and founder of Polish for Yes. It’s all a bit wobbly, and a… Read More ›

Yes Together

By Robin McAlpine Who will stand up for this campaign? Who will speak out for us? Who will kick back against the slurs and smears and lies that are told about us? Who will actually take our side? Who will… Read More ›

An Inaudible Mumble

By Mike Small Today we hear that Ed Miliband’s main response to the Queens Speech is to decry the fact that there isn’t another immigration bill. What a dereliction of an entire history of social struggle for the Labour movement…. Read More ›


By Mike Small BBC Scotland is in the news again after the announcement that presenter Gary Robertson is facing redundancy. Crowds of protestors gathered yesterday outside Pacific Quay in Glasgow to protest at what they believed is an institutionalised bias… Read More ›

Media Wars

By Mike Small Asking Ian Jack to write about new media is a little like asking Ray Reardon to comment on Grand Theft Auto. From a man who seems to have made a living writing a column about steam trains… Read More ›

Silence and Collusion

Professor John Robertson to Education and Culture Committee on BBC response to research into bias in the referendum coverage: “I interpret the above as an attempt at thought control”

Our First Indy Anthem

Paulo’s Nutini’s new album ‘Caustic Love’, is out next month. The latest track to be released is ‘Iron Sky’. It features an extract of the political speech given by Charlie Chaplin at the end of The Great Dictator. The powerful… Read More ›

Prison Playground

By Catherine Happer In a highly publicised and controversial campaign which brought record numbers to the ballot box, Glasgow University students last week overwhelmingly voted NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as their new rector in a statement against public surveillance. It… Read More ›

Press Ganged

By Robin McAlpine On Friday morning (21 February) the front page of the Herald announced that the PCS union was going to back a pro-independence stance (“Boost for Yes camp as trade union to back independence”). Lots of pro-independence people… Read More ›

The Anglosphere Media

By Robin McAlpine I haven’t always agreed with Martin Kettle’s Guardian columns over the years. They have mixed some good, pertinent analysis of what’s wrong with Britain with some unfortunate Blair-apologising. But of late I’ve felt that his commentary on… Read More ›

A Partisan Press

By Mike Small “As newspapers shrink, the media loses its capacity to act as a democratic watchdog” writes Peter Geoghegan, one of Scotland’s finest independent-minded young journalists (‘Media-bashing ignores press role’, Scotsman, 8 November). But is that true? Does the… Read More ›