A Dragging Anchor

One of the great outcomes of the indy referendum experience has been the outpouring of non-text new media (we’re thinking of these dudes here and here and here). But top amongst them is Michael Greenwell’s Indy Podcast. We used to… Read More ›

No. 9

Podcast 9 is up. This time I speak with former Scottish Socialist Party MSP and founder member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie. We talked about the Women For Indy group and what its origins and aims are and how… Read More ›

Indy Podcast 8

Podcast 8 is up and it is pretty packed. The way BBC News behaves is often a cause of dismay/fury/disappointment/surprise (delete as applicable to last story you read or watched). Instead of attacking the latest thing on Newsnicht, Newsnight or… Read More ›