A Tale of Two Defections

By Anarchistteacher A Tory MP decided that his party no longer reflected his political beliefs; left said party to join UKIP (that voice of reasoned and measured political engagement in 21st century Britain). At the by-election triggered by his defection, UKIP… Read More ›

Labour’s Red Mist

By Mike Small So it seems Labour’s tantalising dalliance with Red Socialism didn’t last very long. At the beginning of the week the docile commentariat was agog at the prospect of Labour’s new found radicalism. They were, we were told… Read More ›

Crowded Out

By Donald Adamson When the date for the independence referendum was announced in March this year there were a number of pessimistic voices in Scotland who predicted that such a lengthy run-up to polling day would ensure apathy, or even… Read More ›

The Answer is 43

This from British Social Attitudes 2o12 by John Curtice and Rachel Ormston Evidently there is something of a puzzle to be unravelled here… “As Table 7.6 shows, in fact the principle of ‘home rule’ or ‘devolution max’ appears to be… Read More ›

On Common Ground

the right of nations to self-determination” does not necessarily mean the right to separate, it means the right to decide whether or not to separate; if the Scots voted to remain part of the UK they would nevertheless have exercised their right to self-determination…

For the Record

By Mike Small The extraordinary outburst against Joan McAlpine’s first column for the Daily Record has exposed a fault-line in Scottish politics. Read it here. It is an unremarkable commentary on the relationship between Scotland and England within the British… Read More ›

A Future Equality

I know some people will say ‘What’s this got to do with independence?!’ It has everything to do with independence. Winning the battle for Yes is NOT about competing on the same economic terms as Britain and the failed models,… Read More ›

Bad News

By Jamie Maxwell One of the most dispiriting aspects of the debate surrounding Scotland’s constitutional future has been the relentless, grinding superficiality with which the London-based media have covered it. The failure (or refusal) of many UK broadcasters and print… Read More ›

ID Cards

By Mhairi McAlpine Earlier this month , David Tobin critiqued visions of a Post-colonial Scotland, examining the “national identity politics” which are shaping us on our course to independence. This is indeed a key question for us as a nation… Read More ›

Ideas Fightback

Even while Scotland is rejecting right-wing policies at the polls and the mainstream of Scottish politics is walking away from these agendas, still they are almost inexplicably dominating the airwaves and the press. How can an issue so far off the real agenda as the privatisation of Scottish Water (or some precursor step) still be floating around? Why is the question of creating a market in higher education in Scotland still being discussed?

The Bodies

“…a study of ‘moral hazard’ not as risk but as organising principle, was that non-transparency united the ‘overextended’ financiers, the regulation-flouters, the outright crooks, and (most intriguingly), the upholders of laws which were impossible to enforce. If elites are built on synergy, this lot were glued together by malfunction.”

Tom & Gerry

By Doug the Dug Tom Miers has been in the news lately with his report from the think tank, “Policy Exchange”, entitled, “The Devolution Distraction”. I thought I’d take a look at it and find out exactly what he says… Read More ›

Unchanging Scotland?

Following on from Joan McAlpine’s piece (‘Purcell and the Scottish Press’) Gerry Hassan explores the political implications and backdrop to the Purcell case in the Scotsman today. He writes: “The resignation of Steven Purcell as Glasgow council leader has been… Read More ›

From Protest to Power

This week Edinburgh University Press have just published this book The Modern SNP from Protest to Power. This launch essay from author Gerry Hassan was published in the Sunday Times Ecosse section, which isn’t published online, so the link for the… Read More ›

Let the People Decide

Last nights Scottish Labour Party Political Broadcast was dressed with more saltires than the Tartan Army tour bus, and tried really really hard to convince you that Iain Gray was someone you could get inspired by, as he trundled about Edinburgh on… Read More ›

The Ambience of Empire

A remarkably coherent piece by Andrew O’Hagan appeared in the Guardian at the weekend. He writes about assimilation and sedation: “The Gordon Brown who wrote a biography of the Scottish socialist politician James Maxton would not be electable as British… Read More ›

1960 – 2008

This article was originally a talk given by Stuart Christie at the Aye Write festival in Glasgow. Stuart, “who tried to assassinate General Franco and was framed for being part of the Angry Brigade”, reflects on the 40 years since… Read More ›

Team GB?

Tom Gordon – the hack who presumably has been brought in to alter the dangerously-close-to-independent-balanced-reporting on ‘the National Question’ that the Sunday Herald has been dabbling in these past few years, must be pissed off with this eloquent article by Ian… Read More ›

Fear and Loathing

What’s a more motivating force, fear or hope? Across the pond Obama has inspired a generation, re-inspired another and put 9 million people on the electoral register. Here a halving of the Labour Partys majority has been represented to as… Read More ›

Democracy 2.0

On the night of Scotland’s greatest sporting achievement, I watched Scotland defeat World Cup finalists France in a bar in Burntisland. Due to the Sky connection failing frantic efforts to locate coverage of the game ended in us watching the… Read More ›