By Dan Vevers “That’s because Labour wouldn’t let the job centres advertise them.” This – though I’ve paraphrased – was David Cameron’s pathetic, weasel-worded explanation for the explosion in food banks his government has presided over, during his recent Battle for… Read More ›

Poverty Myths

By David Eyre In a recent column for The Scotsmani, the former Labour minister Brian Wilson highlights important research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, showing how people’s attitudes to poverty have changed over the years. I want to look at… Read More ›

On the Road

By Jamie Maxwell One of the favourite refrains of the Scottish right is that Scotland’s centre of political gravity does not, as socialists and nationalists like to insist, sit to the left of the rest of the United Kingdom’s. Citing… Read More ›

Occupy Edinburgh

Politics in the service of people and planet; not run by corporations for profit. This is local, national and global democracy. That is what we demand – something only we can make.