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  1. Here’s an interesting thing about being Scottish.I am a third generation Scot.All of my ancestors on both sides came from Eire the republic.We were brought up Catholic and lived in a semi posh satellite town just outside Glasgow. My father was working class.Now put all these facts together and you would expect the typical demographic profile of Scottish Labour.

    Wrong my father joined the SNP when he was 18 in the 50,s when Labour collected votes like sweeties in Maryhill.He just always felt Scottish rather than British.He drew parallels with the Irish struggle against British rule.Unlike his peers who clung onto their Irish identity he saw his country as where he lived and the only way he could legitimately not be British was through Scottish independence.He felt a connection with the real ancient Celtic heart of Scotland not the post industrial Glasgow of Nort Britain.In fact he could never understand why so many Irish descendents wanted freedom for Ireland but not for Scotland.This he put down to the deliberate Scottish Labour invention that Scotland was anti Catholic and so we’re the Nationalists.My father to this day despises the Labour party because they strangled Scotland and took it for granted.

    As for me I just grew up being Scottish and not one ounce of me feels British.I have no connection with that modern invention.I like my father couldn’t care less where people come from .We just want to build a Better nation with whoever wants to join us.

    Viva Ecosse

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