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Mike_SmallBella Caledonia is edited by Mike Small. We are available for media comment on the independence referendum, the role of social media, Scottish culture and political affairs. We can be contacted via or via @bellacaledonia.

We have been publishing since 2007. Since then we have been read by over 5 million people. We are now read by over 40,000 people daily, making us the most widely-read Scottish-based blog. This is a sort-of editorial founding statement here.

We have published Irvine Welsh,  Lesley Riddoch, Kevin Williamson, David Greig, Niki Seth-Smith, Vonny Moyes, Cat Boyd, Dougald Hine, Liz Thomson, Stuart Cosgrove, Andy Wightman and countless others, and are committed to new writing and giving platform to unexpected and excluded voices.

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  1. The Butterfly Rebellion is a terrific article, funny, serious and absolutely accurate.
    One thing I have not heard mention is the many billions of poundsof (our) taxes that are spent on war—good ammunition (forgive the pun) for the YES campaign

  2. can I have a Be Brave poster for that?

  3. Your HTML folder name-spelling needs a look at too, Mike. best, K

  4. Hi, YOU REALLY have to see this, it is serious, comment and share as much as possible.

  5. Mike. I am a very experienced TV Film Director. Would love to offer my services. How do I go about that?

  6. Mike, following on from the above post….

    I’ve been visiting this and similar sites such as Wings Over Scotland and Wee Ginger Doug for about a month or so from down here in Yorkshire to get a sense of the debate and the issues over the referendum and the Yes movement because I was not convinced of the one dimensional image about “nationalism” that seems to dominate the debate down here.

    Two of the many things I’ve picked up on are the emphasis of the Yes campaign and movement on using the idea of independence in Scotland to create the space to develop a fairer and more equitable society based on mutuality, sharing and cooperation; and the need to create a more independent and broad based media model in Scotland.

    It would seem reasonable to assume this latter initiative will, even if it is a priority, take a little time to come to fruition. It would also seem reasonable to surmise that once this process starts in earnest those involved will be seeking to recruit people with the relevant skills and qualifications in the field.

    Now, I’m retired and have responsibilities for older members of the family. However, at present I have two lads in their twenties with degree level qualifications in media related subjects who are still living at home 15 months after leaving university and struggling to find work.

    One has a Masters in print journalism and some recent casual work experience from home with a media group in the North West of England which ended in August this year. His first degree was in politics and international relations. The other has a BA in Digital Media and a BTEC Diploma in iMedia who is looking to work on the production side of that field.

    I would very much appreciate it if, in your position of involvement with the Yes movement, you could email me at when appropriate should any suitable opportunities arise once such an initiative takes root and I can then pass this on to my offspring to initiate an application.

    Thank you for your attention and consideration.

    Dale Hansell, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

  7. fao: Mike Small

    Mike, I run The Glad Academy series of talks at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow.
    We’ve had quite a few of the BC team speak over the last couple of years – Lesley Riddoch, Andy Wightman, Gerry Hassan, Alasdair McIntosh…
    I am excited by your announcement about a new media approach for Scotland and wonder if you, or yourself and another couple of the Bella Caledonia team, would like to come along and introduce this idea on December 14th at The Glad Cafe.
    The Glad Academy runs from 4 to 5-ish pm on a Sunday afternoon and has a relaxed format with a capacity of 70 – 80 people.
    Here’s a couple of links to give you a feel of the event…

    What do you think of this idea? Does it have some appeal to you?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Craig Smillie

  8. This video was taken outside the SNP conference on Saturday. A fantastisk atmosphere and a great show of thanks and support fir Alex Salmond …No coverage by the media !! Quelle supris !

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