Bella Caledonia The Album


Bella Caledonia : Songs for Scotland the Album (Download)

  1. Cap in Hand (Live at SEC), The Proclaimers
  2. John MacLean’s March, Caman (lyrics by Hamish Henderson)
  3. Failte don Ellean Sgiathach, Mary Ann Kennedy, Scott MacMillan, Colin Grant, Arthur Cormack
  4. A man’s a man for a’ that, Ewan McLennan
  5. The Sower’s Song, Emily Smith
  6. State of the Union, Loki
  7. Let the Lion Roar, Tommy Orr
  8. Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor, Kathleen MacInnes
  9. Glenfinnan Dawn, Shooglenifty
  10. At the Heart of it All, Capercaillie
  11. Letter from America, James Duncan Beats
  12. Caledonia, Ashim
  13. Scotland’s Welcome Table, Eilidh Cormack, Calum Barker, Brian McAlpine, Jonny Hardie
  14. Chase Yirsel, Stanley Odd
  15. Scotland’s Story, The Proclaimers
  16. Saorsa–Freedom for All, Allan MacDonald
  17. Theme for the Early Days of a Better Nation, Jackie McGuckian and Matt Seattle
  18. The Freedom Come All Ye, Dick Gaughan (lyrics by Hamish Henderson)

Please Note After purchasing the album you’ll be emailed your unique ‘download code’ by a real human being who will be checking for updates regularly, but won’t be constantly online!

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