Closer Issue 3

Published September 2014

Closer 3 £5 inc P & P

This issue includes writing by Marsha Scott, Lesley Orr and Nel Whiting; Jacqueline Gallagher, and Hazel Frew on journeys to yes. Lauren Currie (listed as one of the top 50 radicals by Nesta) on innovation, Abi Cornwall on transformative childcare and social policy, Vonny Moyes on the Patronising BT Lady phenomenon, Lesley Riddoch on why it’s up to us, Laura Eaton Lewis on gender and leadership, Cat Boyd and Jennifer Morrison on feminism and independence, Tessa Ransford on poetry and empowerment, Alison Johnstone on a Green Yes, Elaine Mulcahy on an Irish Yes and Sara Sheridan on the DNA of indy. Plus, as they say, lots more.

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