Closer 3

Closer 3 comes back from the printers tomorrow. This is the third of four special edition print off-shoots that Bella dabbles in in our down-time. Issue one was about innovation and democracy. Issue two was all about participation. Issue three is written by… Read More ›

Closer Launch

The next issue of Closer magazine launches this Saturday featuring fourteen writers, artists and thinkers on how to create a democracy in Scotland. It also includes a free commemorative poster by Noel Douglas. You can BUY YOUR COPY HERE and… Read More ›

Closer #2

We’re soon to launch the second issue of Closer, our offshoot print publication. Closer is the second of four special supplements we’re producing this year in the build up to the referendum. Special thanks to Karyn Dougan and Stewart Bremner… Read More ›

The Fairly Big Society

From our ongoing series of extracts from Closer, here Dougald Hine reflects on the Big Society. Whatever became of the Big Society? It still gets mentioned, sometimes, as a joke: its humourless punchline, the lengthening queues at volunteer-run food banks…. Read More ›

Altered State

We continue our series publishing extracts from Closer. Mike Small argues that with cultural revival, growing consciousness of the roots of economic inequality and a democratic renewal, we are entering an altered state through the independence movement. Closer to what?… Read More ›

Bringing It All Back Home

Scotland’s sprawling local government is the least democratic in Europe, leading to stasis and alienation. Drawing on stunning local successes both here and abroad, in the latest extract from Closer – Lesley Riddoch calls for radical decentralisation. When we are… Read More ›

Energy Justice

Continuing our series of articles from Closer Elaine Morrison explores a future beyond climbing prices, energy profiteering and fuel poverty. It’s 2016. The progressive green-left coalition is into its first term as the government of an independent Scotland. The seeds… Read More ›

Life During Peacetime

This is the first of a series of articles from Closer. The many dividends of living in a non-nuclear Scotland would include genuine security, democratic accountability and massive savings in costs. By Isobel Lindsay “In the councils of government, we… Read More ›


We’ve been a working on a special project which goes to press today. It’s our new journal Closer which will be launched at The After Party on Sat 21 Sept  at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh. It’s a limited edition newspaper… Read More ›