Independence or Barbarism

By Mike Small John Swinney isn’t Che Guevara. Angus Robertson isn’t Slavoj Žižek. Owen Paterson, the famously climate-denialist Environment Minister may be disappointed to hear that after his bizarre rant in the Independent ‘SNP are Marxists’ – but it is the… Read More ›

The Only Way is Down

Some notes on the election result from Dougald Hine. So, good morning. I’m afraid it’s true: that nightmare you had, it wasn’t a dream. Let yourself feel the shock, the rawness of disappointment sharpened by sleep deprivation. If you ached… Read More ›


By Mike Small This is a brilliant disaster. Congratulations to all of the fine candidates who swept away a derelict and bankrupt force in Scotland, whether that be the useless Charles Kennedy, the hapless Douglas Alexander or the derisory Ian… Read More ›

The Magic Numbers

By Mike Small 323. That’s the magic number required to run a government. The palpable hysteria has turned into raw panic as the Tory party and their outriders in the ‘non dom or tax exile-owned Mail, Express, Telegraph and Murdoch… Read More ›

From Scotland with Love *

By Mike Small What a weird empty election campaign characterised by selfies, twitter-spats and endless debate about the outcome itself. Like the political equivalent of the mobile phone we’ve ignored the here and now for the somewhere else. Convergence, daily… Read More ›

The History Trap

By Peter Arnott “They’re going with their heart. It’s about who they want to be a voice for Scotland.” How Scotland Lost its Mind. How has it come to this? How can it possibly be that Scotland’s voters are so… Read More ›

Thieves and Beggars

By Mike Cullen A scapegoat is a very handy thing. Hitler understood that. It gives you someone to blame, for everything, a direction for your pointy finger and probably even somewhere to park your bike. So far, in this increasingly… Read More ›

Close to the Wire

By Mike Small Last night someone posted on twitter: “You think you are watching the breakdown but you are watching the fallout from what was already broken.”  They were talking about Baltimore but could equally have been talking about the… Read More ›

Major Mayhem

By Mike Small Lord John Major today briefly displaced Gordon Brown’s position as the ‘Man to Step Out of the Shadows and Save the Union’ with a bizarre contribution to the constitutional debate. Electing people would be “a recipe for… Read More ›

Party Fears Two

By Mike Small So to the SNP Manifesto launch, at the packed-out climbing centre at Ratho. Cue appropriate metaphors of cliffhangers, and epic struggles to the mountaintop. It was an extraordinary event with the UK media descending and mingling with… Read More ›

Is Scotland Sacred?

By @Jonathan_Rowson Dad, is Scotland Sacred? Don’t be ridiculous, son. Scotland’s not even sovereign. So what’s all this stuff I’ve been hearing about the importance of standing up for Scotland in this election? The need to make Scotland’s voice heard… Read More ›

An Unholy Alliance

ELECTION DIARY As the pressure mounts on Jim Murphy for tonight’s debate Tony Blair stepped out of whatever Gold Digging corporate hellhole he’d been working to announce his ‘100% backing for Miliband’, a strangely un-reassuring commitment probably about as welcome… Read More ›

A Passion for Winning

Former Sport for Yes leader Michael Stewart is one of three candidates in the running to be named the SNP’s Westminster candidate for Edinburgh West. Part of our #newvoices series I started my footballing career at Manchester United, trying to… Read More ›