No Mean City

By  Mike Small Several things can be true at the same time. The following statements are all true: 1. The incident in Glasgow today was disgraceful. 2. It has nothing to do with SNP and nothing to do with ‘nationalism’…. Read More ›


We are Snook alerted us to this great idea which is making cycling easier in cities across the world. The first annual CycleHack Event took place in three cities, Melbourne, Beirut and their global HQ in Glasgow. “CycleHack is a… Read More ›

Songs for Scotland

Sue Wilson previews the culture showcase that is Songs for Scotland with Dick Gaughan, Shooglenifty, Lady Alba, Ewan McLennan, Adam Ross (Randolph’s Leap), Findlay Napier; Louie (Hector Bizerk), Emily Smith, Siobhan Miller, Kathleen MacInnes, and honey-throated Gaelic sorority Mackenzie…

People Make Gaza

By Dominyka Bačanskaitė “Stop the War” coalition has been involved with doing work around Palestine for a long time, and has now set up an emergency organising committee involving fifteen different organisations to coordinate the work done in Scotland. They… Read More ›

You Do Not Exist

By Mike Small You know they are scared now, don’t you? Deeply unsettled. Despite endless proclamations of “I’m a proud Scot but …” the reality of a deep-seated cultural self-hatred is seeping out. Self-hatred amongst the Love Bombs. As the… Read More ›

BBC Gaza

By Jonathon Shafi As the crowds began to gather in Buchanan Street to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza, it was clear that the demonstration would be vibrant, diverse and loud. About an hour before the assembly time,… Read More ›

Mass Canvass in Pollok

Bellavision reports on the Radical Independence Campaign’s mass canvass in Pollok, Glasgow as Yes activists go direct to the people in an effort to bypass the mainstream media. Registering people to vote is a basic part of the re-democratisation of… Read More ›

Home from Rome

Mark Coburn from Motherwell has just completed cycling from Rome to Glasgow – a daunting 1421 miles – all to help Yes Scotland groups deliver a Yes vote. In this first of our new series of videos and films about… Read More ›


By Janie Nicoll Like many people today my first waking moments were filled with thoughts about the Macintosh building at Glasgow School of Art, and how yesterday seemed like a horrible dream. It seems unbelievable what has happened, like an… Read More ›

Red Road

News that the Red Road flats, which have been part of Glasgow’s skyline for almost 50 years will be blown up as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony was met by stunned confusion by people today. The event will… Read More ›

The Independence Lectures

“The Independence Lectures” is organised by RIC in collaboration with Pluto Press and Word Power books. This series of public events brings renowned academics, authors and thinkers to introduce radical arguments on a variety of topics related to Scotland’s constitutional… Read More ›

Prison Playground

By Catherine Happer In a highly publicised and controversial campaign which brought record numbers to the ballot box, Glasgow University students last week overwhelmingly voted NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as their new rector in a statement against public surveillance. It… Read More ›

Coney No Do That?

By Svenja Meyerricks Glasgow City Council has declared war to the famous “Wellington Cone”. The news have been met by a wave of joyful citizen activism that any town planning team bantering about the buzzword “participation” can only dream of…. Read More ›

The Branded Hand

By David Morgan @anotherscotland Strange things are happening following the government’s defeat over Syria. Political commentators wring their hands, agonising over whether Britain has lost influence in the world or whether the ‘special relationship’ has been put in jeopardy. Meanwhile… Read More ›

Let Glasgow Flourish

By Jonathan Mackie It’s a common – and often justified – complaint that Scotland’s mainstream media outlets focus disproportionately on Glasgow when deeming what’s worthy of ‘news’ status.  This time, however, the goings-on over recent weeks at Hollywood’s favourite Kremlin… Read More ›