It’s Time to Get Above Ourselves

The days of being passive subjects receiving wisdom and propaganda from an elite space on high are gone. So help us become a point of focus for creative thinking and a space for the democratic insurgency we’re witnessing and fully participating in.

Indyref Awards 1

Showcasing some of the nominees vying to win our #indyrefawards. We’ll be promoting each of the nominees before polls close next week. Go here to vote. Book of the Year Blossom by Lesley Riddoch. The author writes: “Blossom is an… Read More ›

From Clacton with Hate

Mike Small asks Who are the narrow nationalists now? Remind us who the Death-Eaters are? Where is the denouncement of bigotry and prejudice? The noise from Scotland’s ‘silent majority’ is deafening. A few more doors knocked and UKIP might have taken Heywood… Read More ›

Five Years from Now

By Jamie Frame Can you remember five years ago? Can you imagine Scotland five years from now? Gordon Brown was the PM, the SNP were still a minority government in Holyrood, Iain Gray’s Labour were fancying their chances of taking over… Read More ›

A Better Media Is Possible

“… the established media continues to define the scope of representative politics in Britain, to shape political demands and to punish and erase those who resist. It is one chamber of the corrupt heart of Britain, pumping fear, misinformation and hatred around the body politic…”

The New Reality

By Peter Arnott Raymond Williams, the Welsh critic whose lectures I was once privileged to attend (free) as a student  in England, wrote in Culture and Society (1958) these words I have tattooed on my heart: “There are ideas and… Read More ›

In Defence of Sillars

By Ben Wray Jim Sillars has merely pointed out the fact that an independent Scotland could challenge the ability of multinational corporations to subvert democracy, and the independence movement should stand behind him for his honesty. The No campaign’s uproar… Read More ›

Closer 3

Closer 3 comes back from the printers tomorrow. This is the third of four special edition print off-shoots that Bella dabbles in in our down-time. Issue one was about innovation and democracy. Issue two was all about participation. Issue three is written by… Read More ›

Paul Krugman, what the heck?

It is the UK’s parlous position, that is giving financial markets their ongoing jitters, not Scotland’s economic prospects argues James Meadway. Reading the media representation would make you think it’s the other way around. Respected economist Paul Krugman, a vociferous opponent of… Read More ›

UK Benefits Crisis

By Jim and Margaret Cuthbert There is plenty evidence that the British benefits system, with its associated tax and employment policies, has been failing Scotland for a long time, (along with the rest of Britain). There is also plenty of… Read More ›

Punishing Scotland

Scotland will be punished by the UK establishment if we vote No in the independence referendum, independence campaigners have argued at a press conference today. The Scottish Independence Convention unveiled a new leaflet (pictured) with quotes from David Cameron, Priti… Read More ›

The Numbers Game

Politics & Polling in the Independence Referendum. Polls are the Campaign. An exclusive look at the dark art of political polling in the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Calvinism, Militarism, Kailyard

“…the argument for independence does not rest on the notion Scots have been colonised by England, just as it does not rest on that other canard that it flows from hatred of the English. Support for independence rests on the need to escape a British state which has failed, and is failing, its people…”

Indyref Poster Competition

Here’s the long-list of entries for our poster competition in collaboration with the Scottish Independence Convention. If you are sharing these images (please do!), please credit the individual artist and @ScotIndConv. In two weeks we’ll announce the shortlist to go… Read More ›

42 Reasons for Yes

By Adam Ramsay Better Together know they are ahead. They also know that, the more people hear the arguments for independence, the more likely they are to vote yes. For them, the strategy is therefore simple. It is what football… Read More ›


Our Songs for Scotland concert has met its target 19 days ahead of schedule. But we still have tickets available. Because we’ve had donations and people have bought advance sales of the album, it means we’ve met our target but this… Read More ›

Referendum TV

The referendum is changing Scotland and the impact is unpeeling into unexpected places. Tomorrow sees the launch of Referendum TV with Iain Macwhirter, Lesley Riddoch and Pat Kane hosting a stotious array of characters live from the Edinburgh festival, Venue 41,… Read More ›