The Folly of Austerity

By John S Warren In his Budget speech the Chancellor described Britain as “the comeback country”; a quite remarkable assertion of triumphalism following a much longer, far slower economic recovery in Britain not only than in any of its recent history,… Read More ›


By Mike Small Jim Murphy’s first week into the fray after the festivities hasn’t gone well. He’s looking more and more like an assemblage of parts: socialism; catholicism; vegetarianism, teetotalism. So many isms so little ideology. The real ideology driving… Read More ›

UKIP vs the Establishment

By Haniya Khalid Nigel Farage, it seems, has tapped into an incredibly lucrative mass market: electorate disillusionment with the establishment and mainstream politics in general. Couple that with the swift capitalization of crimes and social faux pas perpetrated by who… Read More ›

The Tarpaulin Revolution

By Steve Rushton British democracy is locked down, for now. Police have placed barriers around Parliament Square opposite Westminster in an attempt to barricade Occupy Democracy protests. 15 peaceful citizens were arrested this morning. The occupation that began on Friday… Read More ›

Royal Bank of Somewhere

By Mike Small In 2012 Lesley Riddoch wrote: “We are currently witnessing the collapse of de-regulated Britain. All we can anticipate is a welter of sticking plaster solutions when we need fundamental change. Radical change requires firmly held, widely shared moral… Read More ›

Writer’s Bloc

By Mike Small I’m being Inspired by Independence (Word Power Books) edited by Ross Colquhoun and Christopher Silver and in particular the work of Lyndsay Allardyce (great gulls!); Meg Bateman on the land as the feminine principle and learning something… Read More ›

Two Fantasies and a Fact

By John Warren It is worth remembering what Gordon Brown actually said in his first intervention under the Better Together banner (22nd April, and already almost forgotten), which was seen by most commentators last week as principally about pensions; but… Read More ›

Dragons and Poodles

By David Black There seemed to be something uncannily familiar about the collapse of the unionist party line which followed the recent revelation in The Guardian about the unidentified cabinet minister who broke ranks with his Westminster ‘No’ troika. Their… Read More ›

Black Swans

The first Black Swan flew over the indy debate this week. Everybody freaked out. The consequences are still being discussed but it does put paid to the slightly comic idea, still being circulated around some on the left that this isn’t… Read More ›

Republic of Books

Continuing our series of responses to the White Paper, this by Mark Buckland Tuesday’s presentation of the White Paper was one for publishers to admire; with everything that can go wrong in launching a new tome (and it certainly fits… Read More ›