Robin McAlpine

Now What?

Two great gatherings coming up this week about the massive political events we’re going through. If you have other events coming up – let us know and we’ll update this page… STOP CAMPAIGNING START TRANSFORMING Robin McAlpine: Stop campaigning, start transforming: Organised by… Read More ›

Common People

Robin McAlpine is closing down the Ministry of Common People on Your Knees, the Ministry of Stupid and the Ministry of Failure … From the brilliant Aye Talks series:     Buy the book of Commonweal here.

London Calling

As part of our English for Yes series here’s details of an important event organised by Red Pepper and openDemocracy ‘The Radical Case for Scottish Independence’ Committee Room 14  House Of Commons. Book your tickets here. By Adam Ramsay Nicky… Read More ›

Practical Idealism

The outpouring of new thinking and energy is palpable but what about ideas and policy? Over the last year the Jimmy Reid Foundation has been creating a crowd-sourced think-tank that’s now been brought together in one book, written by Robin… Read More ›

Press Ganged

By Robin McAlpine On Friday morning (21 February) the front page of the Herald announced that the PCS union was going to back a pro-independence stance (“Boost for Yes camp as trade union to back independence”). Lots of pro-independence people… Read More ›

This is not a protest

by Robin McAlpine Anyone who was involved in yesterday’s Radical Independence Conference knows the political buzz is justified, but the big question is ‘what next?’ The Radical Independence Conference which was held yesterday was probably the most important event held… Read More ›

Ideas Fightback

Even while Scotland is rejecting right-wing policies at the polls and the mainstream of Scottish politics is walking away from these agendas, still they are almost inexplicably dominating the airwaves and the press. How can an issue so far off the real agenda as the privatisation of Scottish Water (or some precursor step) still be floating around? Why is the question of creating a market in higher education in Scotland still being discussed?

This is not who we are

Imagine, writes Robin McAlpine, the Scottish people as if they are a Peter Howson portrait, all simmering anger and grimy masculinity, a crowd scene of shared mistrust, the washed-out neutral tones of a dark memory.  Imagine us like we are… Read More ›