It’s Time to Get Above Ourselves

The days of being passive subjects receiving wisdom and propaganda from an elite space on high are gone. So help us become a point of focus for creative thinking and a space for the democratic insurgency we’re witnessing and fully participating in.

Now What?

Two great gatherings coming up this week about the massive political events we’re going through. If you have other events coming up – let us know and we’ll update this page… STOP CAMPAIGNING START TRANSFORMING Robin McAlpine: Stop campaigning, start transforming: Organised by… Read More ›

Independence or Barbarism

By Mike Small John Swinney isn’t Che Guevara. Angus Robertson isn’t Slavoj Žižek. Owen Paterson, the famously climate-denialist Environment Minister may be disappointed to hear that after his bizarre rant in the Independent ‘SNP are Marxists’ – but it is the… Read More ›

The Frightful Sphere

By Peter Arnott Pascal was the first serious religious thinker to attempt to cope with the new “scientific” View of the Universe that Galileo and Newton had just come up with.  Suddenly the place where he had always lived turned… Read More ›


By Mike Small This is a brilliant disaster. Congratulations to all of the fine candidates who swept away a derelict and bankrupt force in Scotland, whether that be the useless Charles Kennedy, the hapless Douglas Alexander or the derisory Ian… Read More ›

From Scotland with Love *

By Mike Small What a weird empty election campaign characterised by selfies, twitter-spats and endless debate about the outcome itself. Like the political equivalent of the mobile phone we’ve ignored the here and now for the somewhere else. Convergence, daily… Read More ›

The History Trap

By Peter Arnott “They’re going with their heart. It’s about who they want to be a voice for Scotland.” How Scotland Lost its Mind. How has it come to this? How can it possibly be that Scotland’s voters are so… Read More ›

Guilty Until Innocent

By Mike Small How far ‘the country’ has moved to the right is sampled only in glimpses. Yesterday the Independent, home to Mark Steel, and today Frankie Boyle and long thought of as bastion of Liberal England, published an extraordinary… Read More ›

A Sense of Belonging

  By Mike Small This morning Scotland is a pariah state, disenfranchised, with a proscribed party on the verge of a landslide victory. You think the union survives that? Ed Miliband last night effectively cut Jim Murphy loose by declaring… Read More ›

Close to the Wire

By Mike Small Last night someone posted on twitter: “You think you are watching the breakdown but you are watching the fallout from what was already broken.”  They were talking about Baltimore but could equally have been talking about the… Read More ›

Folk Film Gathering

Folk Film Gathering 2015; 1st – 7th May; Edinburgh Filmhouse previewed by Jamie Chambers Hamish Henderson had a fine phrase; ‘it was in you that it a’ began’. Taken from his introduction to Ted Cowan’s The People’s Past, the words… Read More ›

Is Scotland Sacred?

By @Jonathan_Rowson Dad, is Scotland Sacred? Don’t be ridiculous, son. Scotland’s not even sovereign. So what’s all this stuff I’ve been hearing about the importance of standing up for Scotland in this election? The need to make Scotland’s voice heard… Read More ›

Gael Power

By Mike Small Scotland is a multicultural country where at least 160 languages are spoken. That gaelic should be one of them seems to irritate people at some deep level and they’re getting angrier about it every day. The week… Read More ›

The X-Men

By Mike Small Last week UKIP’s David Coburn, who was elected as a Euro MP last year, referred to “Humza Yousaf, or as I call him Abu Hamza” in an interview with the Sunday Mail. The comment marked Coburn and… Read More ›

Support Commonweal

By Robin McAlpine I have now written seven different intros to this article, which is unusual for me. It’s the result of an inheritance from my gran, a working class Presbyterian reticence to ask for money. But we need to… Read More ›

Our Future in Our Hands

14 year-old Éireann Sheridan reflects on her experiences of the referendum and asks: who stole my future?  Apprehension and excitement buzzed throughout my whole being, I could think of little else even when at school.  The 18th of September loomed nearer by… Read More ›