Scottish Football

Book of the Day

Stephen O Donnell’s debut novel Paradise Road is a coming of age tale about a young footballer whose dream falls apart and takes a different path. It’s a classic tale of disappointment and redemption. Like a green and white Pack… Read More ›

Last-Minute Reilly

Lawrie Reilly was among the most prolific international marksmen in the history of Scottish football, with a strike-rate for his country superior to that of both Denis Law and Kenny Dalglish and a gilded Wembley tally of five goals against… Read More ›


By Mike Small “Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when… Read More ›

EBT Phone Home

The Scottish Football Association have appointed Lord William Nimmo Smith to chair their inquiry into recent activities at Rangers. Here one well-informed caller nails it about problems with Campbell Ogilvie, Martin Bain and Rangers…the professional journalists listen closely as they… Read More ›

Barely Regal

By Mike Small The news that Rangers FC could be going bust would come as a shock only to the pliant Scottish football media (CEO Chick Young) and the follow followers who believe that talking frankly about football finance is… Read More ›

The Green Brigade

After a week of debate about the Green Brigade and (almost) universal media condemnation, we publish a different view. We think its crucial that the Green Brigade are attempting to make connections between Irish and Scottish republicanism, a very rare… Read More ›

Scottish football: When does the revolution begin?

Perhaps now is the time for Scottish coaches at every level to forget about Jimmy Johnstone and start encouraging the most talented kids in a team to perfect their passing and movement; show their team mates how to pass through teams rather than run with the ball at defenders. The greedy wee shites who try to beat everyone on their own and only look up to pass when they run into trouble are holding back kids football and at higher levels.