By Mike Small This is a brilliant disaster. Congratulations to all of the fine candidates who swept away a derelict and bankrupt force in Scotland, whether that be the useless Charles Kennedy, the hapless Douglas Alexander or the derisory Ian… Read More ›

Party Fears Two

By Mike Small So to the SNP Manifesto launch, at the packed-out climbing centre at Ratho. Cue appropriate metaphors of cliffhangers, and epic struggles to the mountaintop. It was an extraordinary event with the UK media descending and mingling with… Read More ›


By John S Warren The sub-title of HMG’s Cm 8990, “Scotland and the United Kingdom” is “An Enduring Settlement”. Is it? No. What does the title “An Enduring Settlement” mean? Even Alistair Carmichael MP does not seem to understand what… Read More ›

Just Say Yes

By Jamie Szymkowiak, part of our #newvoices series “The dream shall never die”. That was my moment. It just hit me but I tried to ignore it for weeks. I had been asked to think about getting involved in politics… Read More ›

A Scottish Minimum Wage

By Dan Paris When Labour released their proposals for further devolution in March, they pitched it as giving the Scottish Parliament ‘Powers For A Purpose’. Rather than devolving power for the sake of devolving power, the argument went, Labour would… Read More ›

Five Years from Now

By Jamie Frame Can you remember five years ago? Can you imagine Scotland five years from now? Gordon Brown was the PM, the SNP were still a minority government in Holyrood, Iain Gray’s Labour were fancying their chances of taking over… Read More ›

Closer Launch

The next issue of Closer magazine launches this Saturday featuring fourteen writers, artists and thinkers on how to create a democracy in Scotland. It also includes a free commemorative poster by Noel Douglas. You can BUY YOUR COPY HERE and… Read More ›

Spin and Smear

The Better Together campaign has been one extended smear operation and the permanent attacks on Yes supporters as abusive and aggressive has been part of that campaign from day one.

Blue Labour

By Mike Small Yesterday was a historic day. The Daily Record dedicated an eight-page pull out to what they are describing (straight-faced) as ‘extracts from the most explosive political book of the year’. Forget Edward Snowden, here’s Gordon Brown telling… Read More ›

Out of Order

By Daibhidh Rothach The announcement by the Orange Order of its plans to march in the capital five days before the referendum (‘Orange Order Plans March’) was another gift for the Yes Campaign, the hope being that undecided and No… Read More ›

Peace of Mind

By Flora Napier Earlier this week the Moderator Designate of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland announced that there would be a reconciliation service held in St Giles Cathedral three days after the referendum vote takes place. The… Read More ›


By Jamie Maxwell There is a theory going around that, despite a few superficial differences, the SNP and UKIP actually have a lot in common; that Scottish nationalists and English eurosceptics share the same small-minded, separatist view of the world…. Read More ›

Third Scotland

“The scale of change in Scotland in recent years has been of historic proportions. One consequence of this has been the sense of incomprehension and even loss in parts of pro-union Scotland along with UK elites, who have seen all this as the work of Salmond and the SNP.”

‘Ethnic’ Cleanse

By Alan Bissett According to the Herald journalist David Torrance he is an ‘ethnic nationalist’. To the composer James Macmillan he is a ‘Blood Scot nationalist’ and ‘motivated by hate’. To the Labour blogger Ian Smart he is ‘anti-English’ and… Read More ›

Independent Women

By Hannah Wallace In the week we lost Margo MacDonald, the SNP finally, finally announced some breakthrough policies for women. Call it politics, call it one-upmanship (sic), I don’t care. I’m pretty proud that now 40% of the Scottish Cabinet… Read More ›

Wean’s World

By Fiona MacInnes When my children were young I never had time to read columns like this, I was like many women simply getting through each day surviving. Mothering is the most difficult job there is, emotionally draining, hard work,… Read More ›