YES Scotland

Paul Krugman, what the heck?

It is the UK’s parlous position, that is giving financial markets their ongoing jitters, not Scotland’s economic prospects argues James Meadway. Reading the media representation would make you think it’s the other way around. Respected economist Paul Krugman, a vociferous opponent of… Read More ›

Calvinism, Militarism, Kailyard

“…the argument for independence does not rest on the notion Scots have been colonised by England, just as it does not rest on that other canard that it flows from hatred of the English. Support for independence rests on the need to escape a British state which has failed, and is failing, its people…”

Yes Poster Competition

If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be? Bella Caledonia and the Scottish Independence Convention have teamed up to bring you the ultimate indyref competition. We are looking for work that inspires… Read More ›

A Letter to No Voters

If you vote No, my friends, my brothers and sisters, whoever you think is going to be in charge of your future, it isn’t going to be you. To Vote No means either that Scotland is not a real country, or that if it is, democracy is too good for it.

Yes Together

By Robin McAlpine Who will stand up for this campaign? Who will speak out for us? Who will kick back against the slurs and smears and lies that are told about us? Who will actually take our side? Who will… Read More ›

Peace of Mind

By Flora Napier Earlier this week the Moderator Designate of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland announced that there would be a reconciliation service held in St Giles Cathedral three days after the referendum vote takes place. The… Read More ›

Yes East Ayrshire

Full coverage of the entire Yes East Ayrshire Indy debate that took place in the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock on Monday 12th May 2014 With Patrick Harvie, Natalie McGarry, Jim Sillars and Fiona Hyslop:

Permitted Participants

By Mike Small Apart from the terrible language – ‘Permitted Participants’ suggests others are not permitted – the registration for the Electoral Commission is a marker of the wider movement. Now that the Scottish Independence Convention, National Collective, GenYes have… Read More ›

Permitted Participant

By Mike Small Three days ago Women for Independence tweeted saying:”‏@WomenForIndy So, in the next few weeks you will see us, @myYesScotland @WeAreNational & @ScotIndConv all as registered Yes campaigns. More to follow.” Today in the Herald, Magnus Gardham descends… Read More ›

An Eye for an Aye?

If you were asked to design a poster that inspires a nation, what would it be? Bella, National Collective and Scottish Independence Convention today launch a national prize competition …

Moving On

Flora Napier on Ivor Cutler, bobbing seals, improbably high hedges and getting to Yes. It took a fair chunk of reading, chatting and mulling things over before I finally decided that I would vote for Scotland’s independence. It was not… Read More ›

Women for Yes

Kicking-off our series to celebrate International Women’s Day, Isobel Lindsay writes on power, gender and democracy. “If we weren’t so feart, this could be exciting” This was the comment from a Clydebank women who came along to one of Women for… Read More ›

A Map of Yes

The Yes campaign has been under intense criticism from all sides (even their own). But look what they’ve done … created a network for the mass movement to emerge across the country. This is a formidable achievement with no equivalent…. Read More ›

Fibre Optics

By Kevin Pringle, Scottish National Party Strategic Communications Director. The underlying issue behind Prime Minister David Cameron’s refusal to debate the case for an independent Scotland with First Minister Alex Salmond is that it exposes an identity crisis at the… Read More ›

Life During Peacetime

This is the first of a series of articles from Closer. The many dividends of living in a non-nuclear Scotland would include genuine security, democratic accountability and massive savings in costs. By Isobel Lindsay “In the councils of government, we… Read More ›

Scotland UXB

By Mike Small What was the point in fighting a War on Terror if your own allies were busy boiling people alive? The quote is from a book by Dominic Streatfeild, A History of the World since 9/11, published in… Read More ›


This is the first of a series of extracts from Scotland’s Road to Socialism – Time to Choose, edited by Gregor Gall and published by Scottish Left Review Press. By Mike Small In the face of the austerity measures sweeping… Read More ›

The Lamont Paradox

By Chris Cairns TOO many unanswered questions. Too much confusion, uncertainty. When, oh when is the SNP going to ‘come clean’ and provide us all with the facts we need to make an informed decision on independence? Such, we are… Read More ›

Patsy versus Ryan

Sometimes you’ve got to hand it to the No people. Despite getting a bad press for relentlessly flooding their media with scare stories (today we hear the price of energy will skyrocket after independence, though presumably this will be the… Read More ›

Yes Orkney

By Fiona MacInnes The official ‘Yes Orkney’ inaugural meeting took place in Kirkwall recently after several months building a twitter and facebook presence. The facebook page has grown to over 250 ‘likes’ from the local area and further afield. Similar… Read More ›

Scotland in Europe

By Alyn Smith Scotland and the EU is the Brigadoon issue of Scottish politics: it appears, disappears, reappears, goes quiet, explodes onto the front pages again only to then recede from the nation’s consciousness. It is complicated, and informed comment… Read More ›